Lost inventory slots

So I just noticed after 5 hours of playing bl1 that I lost alot of inventory slots.

I beat the game, had 72 slots for all characters and now most of them are gone.
All achievements, unlocked ,game dominated lah blah blah

Now my friend he had one character that was like all 4 of mine and he’s lost slots too. He started up a game in a dlc and got the intro and has missions for a dlc he hasn’t even started apparently.

Why is my favorite game telling me to sell it and never ever play a gearbox game ever again?


Anyone or does gearbox really not give a ■■■■ about anything they produce?

What system are you on Alias?

Xbox 360


One day is a bit short to expect a response from Gearbox itself when posting on their forum, and in a section which is rarely (if ever) monitored for bugs, as it is for General Discussion (not tech support).

You’ll get way more responses here, in the corresponding section. Some from other users, others from the staff themselves.

Please note though that it would also help if you contact the Help Desk which offers support on the following games;


It is their job in particular to offer assistance of this nature.

I would like to note however, that while I always do promote people “voting with their wallet” so to say, as to which game companies should receive their hard earned cash, I don’t think it is fair to lash out at Gearbox for an issue you’re having in 2016 about a game released in 2009. I know people who’ve lost their entire save files in other games, and didn’t see it as anything other than misfortune.

While you have full right to be frustrated, I think it is a bit impetuous to swear off a company under these circumstances.

I assure you, that they will look in to the issue.

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Trying to navigate this forum on a phone is a pain in my ass and I’m lucky I even got it on a bl1 forum.

This is the first issue I had with this game and the only one of this game, can’t say the same for their other works.