Lost Item in Sanctuary! BUG!?

Hello I was wondering wether you could help me retreive my purple Rocket Launcher I got from the gold key create in the Sanctuary, I dropped it to show my friend in game and it fell through the floor. Is there anything I can do, anyone I can speak to in game to retrieve such item? I’m only level 9 on my first char, so I’m very new to the game and would like as much detail explained if such thing is possible, many thanks!

Nothing that can be done to retrieve your item, no. Let me guess - you were still in the room with the Golden Chest, right? That is one of a number of notoriously buggy spots (due to the way textures and terrain map onto the game mesh in UE3) that can swallow items. I’ve had legendary gear go through the wall!

One thing you could do is file a support ticket here:

It’s possible that they might at least reimburse your key so you can try again. You might also want to hit the online play & trading section for PC/Mac/Linux: if you’re still levelling up a character, someone may have some spare gear they don’t need any more that would be just as good (if not better). I’d offer to drop you something myself, but I’m on console.

I’d just play on, most gear works at L9 and there’ll be more shift codes for more keys down the line. It’s annoying, but you’ll out level any L9 gear in a few hours of gameplay and there’s lots more great loot to get later on.

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In the future, instead of dropping gear to show friend, use the trade screen.

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