Lost keys and relics

Yesterday, we had over 20 keys on our PS4 profiles. Today, they are missing, as well as my rare loot relic. No idea where they’ve gone and no idea how to fix this. Please help.

You’ll need to file a support ticket for the lost keys. This happens if the file that tracks your keys, BAR, heads and skins, stash, etc. gets corrupted while it is updating. You might want to check to see if anything else is missing before you file the ticket.

Note that the file corruption may be more likely to occur during co-op sessions; I always make sure any co-op partners have fully quite my session before exiting myself, and then I usually wait to make sure the exit save is fully done before quitting the actual game.

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Thank you!

I contacted support, but nothing ever came of it and I’m still missing keys. They told me to power cycle the PS4, but after the restart, we lost nearly all of our game data. Support hasn’t responded back to this since last week, unfortunately.