Lost keys... started game with 75 have not used any and for some reason have zero?

Hey first off sorry if I’m using this app wrong but anyway, so I was playing the other night and had all 75 of my keys put in a shift code for the first borderlands remaster ed for my ps4 said I got the keys want int on the game, me and my friend were playing got a few levels and at around 38ish I decided I was going to use a key but when I got to the chest it says i have zero… question is what did i do wrong for all the keys to disappear. Is the a bug in the game I dont know of? If you want me to get pics for help explaining i can. Just trying to figure why I have no keys when I should have around 75 80.

Been in the same boat since launch. Used to of my 75 keys around lvl 5-10, got off PS4 for the night and when I returned the following day, my keys were all gone. No one has access to my account/PS4. Tried unlinking/relinking my SHiFT account to see if that’d refresh it, that didn’t work, so I opened a support ticket.

Got a response today, saying to try powering down my console for 20 seconds and trying again. Obviously that didn’t work. Tried rebuilding database (closest thing PS4 has to a clear cache option) which also didn’t work. Also there’s no way on PS4 to find your SHiFT support ID. Pressing triangle in the SHiFT code input menu does nothing. So yeah, support is being super fun for me at the moment. Though I’d suggest filing a ticket regardless, maybe you’ll get better luck than me atm.

This. I suspect the primary focus has been on figuring out the on-line matchmaking bug. However, so many people have lost their keys that there must be some weird unwanted interaction going on that needs dealing with.

Another dumb question… how does one fill out a support ticket?

Use this link and fill in all of the required details :slight_smile:: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new