Lost Legendaries in Sanctuary

Lost 2 sheilds and 2 artifacts tonight. All legendary and all level 50. I put them on the floor in sanctuary to shuffle some inventory, and when I exited the menu screen my Transformer, Health Pak Red Cap? Re-Charger, and health, money, and defense artifacts were gone. The best artifact I had was 150% health, 96% defense, and 26% loot and money. Does gearbox send out codes to fix this and give me my items back, or does sanctuaries floor going to continue to eat my legendary items?

I’ve no idea if Gearbox is looking at this but I also lost several useful gear when I dropped them for a friend.

Have you checked if they ended up in the lost loot machine already? Besides, yes, never, ever, ever, ever drop loot on the ground in Sanctuary.
Regarding your question: If you contact their support with a ticket there is a possibility that they’ll send you some golden keys (at least that’s how they compensated players who had their items deleted by the bank vault back when that bug was still a thing) but they cannot replace specific items as far as I know.

Yeah lost one mod too.

Its because you exited to menu. Droped loot is considered trash. When you log out all loot is on the ground is deleted.

They mean the inventory menu I believe not exiting to the main menu… yeah it best not to toss anything down because it will happen. I’ve lost things before plus two bank wipes. If you keep your loot wall for displaying loot clean somewhat you can use that for quick exchanges. Just stick stuff on the wall while your doing whatever you need to, making room in the bank or whatever. If you have no other choice I would suggest having a second profile with a mule if need be as to not have to toss down loot to the floor and risk it being gone forever.

Loot dropping through the floor in Sanctuary is a known issue, apparently. Some have said if they drop it on the table it doesn’t get lost but otherwise unfortunately it’s gone for good. Best advice I can give for the future is never to drop loot in Sanctuary itself - never heard of the same issue anywhere else. Appreciate that doesn’t help your current situation but I don’t think you’ll get anything back, sadly

Lost loot only works for gear that has never been picked up. If dropped the game considers it discarded

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I’ve had this discussion with other players,the crew quarters floor and table I’ve had loot fall through so i don’t do anything in that room,as well as the hallway the only safe place I’ve found are two tables near the quick change machine or bringing in a second account split screen to trade with if its a really rare piece of gear(safest way not to lose gear imo)

I’m on xbox and i drop mine in front of the lost loot machine. Seems if it’s made to spit gear out on the floor that floor should be fine. Never lost an item yet.