Lost levels after hot patch

So here’s the thing. Last time I quit playing, I was level 14 -16. After the hot fix, this is what I get.

So it says I’m level 20. In game I’m level 9 and last time I played, I was level 14 or above.
I had already killed killavolt. And now I’ve lost all my guns mods and have to go thru killavolt again. I’m kind of P.O.
what gives.
After playing at level 9, the system knows, I’ve played it before. Now it’s twice as hard.

So I am kind of upset), so I am going to try to say this as nice as I can.
As other game company’s have done, u have taken a great game and screwed it all up.
I’m going back and continue playing fallout 76.
Because I know you are not going to refund my 100 bucks anytime soon