Lost levels on character for no reason

i have had a lvl 56 gunzerker i was working on and took me awhile since i was playing solo and i took a break for a week or two to play another game and i put the disc in today and i saw my lvl 56 gunzerker is now back down to lvl 40 how and why did this happen to me ???.

I was just a bit into UVHM as well i had spent awhile grinding on the warrior on TVHM,

i was so angry earlier i just about broke my controller but didn’t because those things aren’t cheap like they used to be.

Not a PS4 player, so not sure of the technical details, but I would suggest taking a look on your system where the game files are actually stored and see what’s listed there. There should be two saves for each character you have created - the primary and a backup. If the primary gets corrupted, the game tries to use the backup to restore. That said, the backup can often end up quite a few levels behind the primary. (You can force updated backups by switching between characters and/or modes.) Depending on what you find, you may want to file a support ticket to see if the official support folks can help out at all:


I checked the cross-save on the game and had my gunzerker file backed up but only at 51 not 56 so i have a lot of work to make up.

That’s bad, but not too bad - you should be able to make the five levels up fairly quickly in UVHM at least. If you try and grind it in TVHM, it will take much longer due to the XP reduction that kicks in at level 50. IIRC DLCs 3 and 4 will scale up to 55 in TVHM though?

I’d also recommend making backup copies on a USB and updating that periodically - the more backups the better!