Lost loot isnt working

So i have 3 toons and the lost loot works for 2 but for my siren the machine just looks like its off. Am i missing something?

Lost loot is tied to your bank, not individual characters. I guess try and run a zone like Athenas and try not to touch any of the blue/purples laying on the ground. After you say kill TRAAAUUUUUNNNTTTTTT (sorry) jump back to sanctuary & check LL

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Lost loot is tied to your co-op mode setting. So make sure you are in COoperation still, and not in coopetition.


That was totally it. Thanks for the help

Ty didn’t know that

You’re both welcome . Remember coopetition makes everybody share the same drops so it’s not possible for the lost loot to pickup your forgotten gear, since you never have any.

However in cooperation everybody is assigned their own gear drops. So the lost loot machine can retrieve your forgotten gear in this case.