Lost Loot needs some adjustments

Why do ornaments, skins, and decorations that we have already unlocked push actual loot out of the machine? I got back from farming and popped the lock on the loot machine and four of the same weapon ornaments from the final dlc boss spilled out. Four of them…four…an item I already had unlocked.

Prioritization needs to be looked at and unlocked vanity items need to be pulled out of the possible pool.

Agreed in principle. The coding for the lost loot machine (trying to avoid LLM as that’s a staple of BL2!) is pretty basic in terms of prioritizing items. I don’t know how realistic it would be to change the code too much since it has to work for both solo and co-op.

The cosmetics never should have been added to the item loot pool in the first place. There’s nothing worse than hearing that chime and seeing the gold star, only to discover it’s copy 143 of the same legendary (why?) skin/trinket/theme I already have. It’s worse than getting nothing. It’s worse than getting a LOB. You can sell the LOB for a good amount of cash, and getting nothing means you don’t have to pick it up and then discard it, so it doesn’t haunt your LLM forever.

All of the cosmetics should be pulled out of the loot tables and distributed by other means. Or they should have their value substantially increased. Or their drop rates significantly lowered. I don’t need to find “It’s Poop!” three times from the same boss.

I’d also like to be able to filter out blues. And purples as well.

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From experience it seems to prioritize rarity meaning if you get a legendary when its already full It will drop a blue or purple to keep the legendary. The issue is other than this there doesn’t appear to be any other priorities that would filter out cosmetics or give preference to the sale value of the item.

honestly lost loot having already unlocked loot in it isnt the problem. cosmetics you already have dropping is the problem.

as for the machine, i wish it had a ui iventoryish interface. so i can actually see and edit what is in it. or at least make the items fly out with more space inbetween them. lootsplosions are all fine and dandy but its annoying having like 30 items all stacked on top of each others hitboxes. they also need to make some way other than picking up and dropping to flag it not to go to the loot machine. well, only if there is no interface, if theres a ui component it doesnt matter.

basically the lost loot machine needs to have some tiny degree of organization

I agree it would be nice to have some improvements. But you’ve got to admit - it’s a heck of a lot better than what we had in the previous games!


I appreciate the addition of the Lost Loot Machine, but if feels incomplete. I hate the way items just drop to the floor, I’ve already lost a valuable item falling through the floor of the ship. And with the hunter pets, they just get in the way and make it so very difficult to pick anything up. But that’s a rant for another thread.

This is what I’d like to see:

Lost Loot Machine 2.0

  • Filters with check boxes so you can mix and choose
    • Rarity (Blue, Purple, Legendary, Teal/Pearl/Unicorn-rainbows)
    • Anointed (Class specific, General, Any, None - in case there are reasons)
    • Item Type (Weapon, Shield, Grenade, Artifact, COM)
    • Cosmetics would have their own filter (New or Any in case you want to get some for a friend)
  • Optional UI badge on HUD that shows the # of items currently stored (add inventory space too)
  • Lost Loot interface, available from inventory screen. From here you can:
    • Adjust filters.
    • Sell gear or have it “mailed” to you. (Put Eva to work managing our Lost Loot, since she won’t manage the coms.)
  • On Sanctuary, the LLM acts likes a vending machine, so you can see what items are there, select what you want. But you can also sell the item and change your filters.

Sure you can add more specific filters such as element type, but these changes would address most of my concerns. Plus adding too many filters might ruin the “discovery” aspect of the game. I’d rather have the work for that level of filtering be done on the inventory/storage system.

Imo, it was a good idea on paper, but in reality it kinda stinks. I never used it tbh.

So… let’s say you empty your lost loot first, before going on a farming session. Ok, empty… Slaughter shaft time. Takes me about 10-25 mins to clear (depending on VH and modifiers), pick up anything interesting (mostly nothing after 400+ hours in this game). Ok reset do another run… same thing, pick up what I need.
By that time, the lost loot is filled to the brim with leggos.
Ending session on this toon, let me move on to something else or picking another toon. Farming some boss, get a drop, but forget to pick it up or realise it too late what actually dropped. Well, you are basicly screwed.

If you don’t go empty that sucker after every session of about 30 mins, no way in hell you are getting the item you really wanted.

Also as you mentioned in your OP, this thing should only work on actual gear and not cosmetics.

This might be a good idea actually!

The way I use it lately is to let it fill while playing a lv 50 character then empty it the next time I play a lower level character along with pulling all the lv 50 loyalty rewards earned on the lv 50 for the purpose of vendoring it all to buy SDU’s for said low level character.

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I’d prefer it if all cosmetic unlocks were taken from the loot pool and sent to Earl. I have 8000 eridium that’s just sitting there, I see no reason it can’t be done.