Lost Loot not working?

Is there some trick or parameters I’m missing. I’ve had blue+ loot I’ve not touched and it’s not showing up in my lost loot box. It’s remained empty. I’ve quit games with it there. Fast traveler away from it. And it never shows up!


Same here! I glad Im not the only one. Im on xbox. I hope they fix this problem quick!


put your game mode in cooperation. if it is in coopetition lost loot won’t work.


Thank you fam!! <3

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That fixed it!! Thanks for the advise. I was losing my mind.


Tried the switch on my system. Still no weapons in lost loot SDU. Not loving this any other advice?


you can only change it in the main menu. you can’t change this on your game.

Yes i have and restarted the game twice. Still not working.

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You may already know this, but you’re aware it only captures Blue+ tier items?

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Hmm… I’m pretty sure I set my game mode to cooperation before I even created my first character. I got one batch of blues and purples from Lost & Found. Then I bought a couple of SDUs for it, and I’ve had nothing in there since.

Anyone else in the same boat - game in cooperation, bought upgrades, no loot appearing?


I’m having the same problem. Had a few purples on the ground, quit and saved, they no longer appear in the machine.

exactly whats going on with me

Yes same…have lost much and now very upset.

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the same happened to me!! Have you found any solution to it?

Well, it’s working again but I have no idea what I did. I know I bought SDUs for it - I have all the white rarity ones (only +1 per SDU). I wonder if buying an SDU clears the contents, or if it’s related to the map you’re on? Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping track of that.

I’ve been having trouble with the lost loot machine, too. I definitely did get some items out of it last week, but for the past couple of days, I haven’t gotten anything. I purposely left blue items on the ground here and there (didn’t pick them up), both from enemy drops and from chests, to test this. Also tried fast traveling as well as quitting to the main menu and loading back in - no loot is stored in the machine.

However, I did switch from cooperation to coopetition a couple of days ago, so that might be the source of the problem, as nat_zero_six pointed out. I’ll try switching back tonight and see if that fixes it.

However, I can exclude buying lost loot SDUs as the source of the problem. I haven’t bought an upgrade for it in several days.

Same cost as bank and backpack SDUs, but only +1 slot… Let’s just say it’s not been a priority for me!

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https://youtu.be/2XOYAHcGerw this is whats happening for me. Its a pretty big bug I lost a legendary.

lvl 38, bought several sdu’s for the loot box, nothing has ever been in there, thought maybe I just needed to progress further in the story, but at this point it’s just broken…

I have the same issue. When I look at the lost loot sdu and it shows my lost loot inventory is 5/10 but at the machine it says empty. There should be 2 legendary weapons also. This is very infuriating.