Lost loot on multiple bosses

before anyone makes a comment , lost loot was great idea poorly executed . but main thing is few bosses are having their loot fall into the abyss . for starters this should not be happening anyways on previous games a lot was takin in to prevent this like Crawmerax had massive crescent shaped mountainside area to prevent this all way up to presequel stuck u into a virtual reality type space so why am i seeing loot fall into abyss on not just 1 boss but multiple , AGonizer 9000 and Graveward are 2 main issues , Graveward had its drop fixed once before but its still few items get launched off the cliff . Agonizer 9000 can easily be fixed by getting rid of the “pit” hes in or allow players to climb in and out of this pit with a ladder and make the floor solid

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have you tried the last boss on DLC 4 LOL… it is so funny that after the dude drops, some legendary loot can be seen flying all the way across the entire map and some be at the bottom of his head HAHA… you can easily miss those ones that fly all the way across the maps if you don’t catches it early on … so dumb

Came here to say this.

Doing the final boss loot like the first Borderlands armory kinda ticked me off as I only had time to grab trash.

Are you running Galaxy Brain? Because it seems to be the cause of this issue in many cases. I’ve farmed basically all those bosses a lot and they’ve always thrown their loot in the same place consistently, but Galaxy Brain can apparently break it.

Yes, i am running galaxy brain…

nothing new, especialy with lootsplosion mode… they didnt fix it till mh2.0 so 1year?