Lost my Battleborn character unlock requirements

So I noticed the other day that when I go to the BB page it shows everyone looking unlocked. This is not the case though when I join a game, plenty are still locked to me.

They used to show a lock on them in the BB screen and show what I needed to do to unlock them but not anymore. How do I get it back? Is this a bug or did something change?

You know I think I encountered this bug last night. But it was only for Kelvin that I noticed. I still have to complete his unlock challenge. Just don’t play eldred that much.

You can still view the unlock requirements by going to the Challenges section of the Career tab.
Why you can’t view the unlock conditions from the Battleborn tab anymore is anybody’s guess however.

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Same here on the command screen no characters have the lock on the bottom of their portrait although they are still not selectable in game.

Yeah permanent bug now it seems. Luckily it’s fairly minor. Just check the challenges page for unlock requirements.

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If you go to Command then go to the third tab along, somewhere in there will be a page with loads of percentage, if you go to the characters section it tells you what you need to do to unlock them, the only thing that is missing there is the information at what level you automatically unlock them at…

Speaking of 'which. What is the level requirement for deande and ghalt? I can’t get a group for advanced and I just hit 25 last night.

Pretty sure Ghalt is level 38, and Deande is somewhere inbetween, but I could be wrong =\

Deande is 38 (also unlock when completing heliophage on advanced)…
Gault is 40 (also unlock when completing all story missions on advanced with a silver medal)…

And it appears their ‘unlock’ tabs go away once you complete the heliophage on normal… But doesn’t actually unlock everyone.


It’s a feature. We paid extra for that. I have the same problem.