Lost my fast travels

It looks like I lost all of my fast travels - transferred my data to a new PC, and my save doesn’t have a single available fast travel besides the basic starting points. Can anyone point me to a solution that’s faster than the current available “run through every area”?

uh, looks like the game broke itself without the new DLC? I have this same save with everything done and especially the story but it keeps kicking me back to the start where there’s an inoperable Claptrap. basically thinks I’m at the start of the playthrough. what the f? I would like to play the game without paying 15 dollars to make it operable

i submitted a ticket, this is making the game unplayable unless I go into the save file itself. I think the new DLC broke it, but basically it thinks I need to talk to Claptrap first before I do anything

Could they be linked to your profile and maybe the move reset them?

Or if you are not done with the story maybe do one mission and see if it fast forwards.

It’s my Zer0 file. everything except slaughters are done (and I can reset them if need be), but the story is done and I don’t know how I’d be able to “undo” some without fully resetting my UVHM progress. I just hadn’t touched anything since 2017 but I know I played it on this computer, and everything was fine then.