Lost my golden keys

I had gotten my golden keys from owning the handsome collection i did not use any of them but after the last update I had lost the 75 keys i gotten

I have had this happen as well on my account and my girlfriends

Sorry to hear that your keys disappeared. You will need to file a support ticket to get them restored. Hopefully the team can figure out why this is happening and issue a patch.

I have problem in my accout i have 212 golden keys and to the extra paste two new shift codes 53CJT-XXF9B-6FJFW-BT3J3-WRS65 and KTWJT-CRXSB-RRJFC-JTT33-RWXJH and i dont get any key.

Are you redeeming these through the shift menu in game? Or the shift menu through the website?

Also, what message is it giving you upon redeeming them?

Also, are you sure you’re redeeming the right code. You’ve replied to a Playstation thread and a quick google search showed the codes you’ve pasted to be PC.

First code

Steam - 53CJT-XXF9B-6FJFW-BT3J3-WRS65
Xbox - 5B53T-5F9R5-ZSX6H-5XBB3-CCBRK

Second code

Playstation - WBWJJ-66K9S-SBKZW-SJWJB-FST99

Trough the shift menu in game and i am the PC user. Message was Code accepted

Strange, I’d suggest filling in a support ticket here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/home

Hopefully they can help you, and figure out why it’s not giving you the keys and fix the issue. There may be a delay in them getting back to you depending on how many tickets they’re currently handling but they’re usually pretty fast.

Additionally, and this just occurred to me, do you not need to go into the extra’s menu on the main menu and then manually collect the keys?

Thanks i try it