Lost my loyalty reward Badass Points - XBOX ONE

I bought the pre-sequel to scratch that itch while BL3 is in development. I was so stoked to log in and see that I was given loyalty rewards for all of my BL2 play in my Shift notifications. I start the game with Nisha and get into the FTUE and am so stoked to see that I have 114 badass points to spend and some neato mosquito gear. Start spending the points, then for some reason the game dropped me to the dashboard. I relaunch and the newly created Nisha isn’t there. Ok no worries I’ll just start a Wilhelm. Get into the FTUE again and i have zero badass points to spend, zero purple gear… please help! Gamertag: edotdj

Unfortunately, it sounds like the file holding key stuff got corrupted in the crash. You will need to file a support ticket to get the keys refunded.

Cool cool cool. I filed a ticket and elaborated on the details a little better. cheers for the link fellow vault hunter.