"Lost" my progress, can't save progress with one character


So I was playing and I got stuck, literally can’t move my character at sanctuary. So I exited and reloaded. When I did, I loaded back to the very start of the game- the one where Claptrap meets you. But I’m at my right level and gear. I just lost my mission progress. And when I tried playing through, the game actually doesn’t save my progress. All other characters are fine though, just that one character.

I tried looking for a similar topic but I can’t seem to find one. Maybe it’s a broken save file? Anyway to fix it? Oh also the new dlc was downloading when the crash happened, is it somehow connected? Attached is a photo, you can see I am doing the very first part but I still have my gear and level, I can’t save and I keep coming back to this mission. I checked my save files both local and cloud and both starts at this part.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi! That happened to my Agent too. I’m stuck on mission 1 everytime, and I can only progress playing with my friends. I just opened a Ticket on 2K Games 3 days ago, but got no answers… Hope someone can help us!

Im lvl 33 with my agent, and can’t Play DLC’s or Circles with him

Any solutions?!


Oh. I feel bad for saying this but I’m quite relieved that I’m not alone. Please let me know when they get back to you!