Lost my progress in Borderlands 3

Lost all of my progess after playing on another PC? How can i load my save file locally instead of using your cloud saving system?

Please fix.

On epic launcher before launching the game click the little settings icon on the game and a drop down will open. Click the option to turn off cloud saves.

Did that, unfortunately the local save file was overide by the older cloud save, i guess now my progress is gone. Even the rewards history for the shift keys are reset. Keys that i redeemed are gone and im not sure if they are redeemable again. Nice job epic.

Yeap. Keys are gone and i’m not able to redeem them again even though i did not use them. Im expecting some conpensation thanks.

Ahh yeah that’s a bummer on all accounts then. Best option at this point if you want your stuff back is to enter a support ticket. Hopefully your didnt fully loose your save and just lost time like with what happened to me.