Lost my save and i cant get it back help

i lost my save. the game deleted my save and i lost all tha i have done,
i am frustrated and pissed why epic games or 2k done this to me please fix this

Read the forums, people have been losing saves since day 1.

I feel for ya but there is no fix other then to back up your save folder (wow can’t believe people should need to do this).

Maybe the so called 30 day patch (which is at 39? days now) will fix this.

Moved you to the correct section. Whether you can recover your save depends on how/why it was lost in the first place. If the file was corrupted (perhaps something glitched during a save update) you may be able to re-name the .tmp version of the previous save - there are multiple threads describing how to do that here.

Another possibility is to roll your save game folder back to a previous version (Windows 10) - find the folder in your save games file path with the weird name (basically your Epic ID), right-click, and look for the options.

If you’ve been using the Epic cloud sync feature, you can also check to see if there’s a version you can pull back down to your HD.

Note that the last two options will likely mean you lose some progress, but you at least wouldn’t be starting from scratch.

Well I just thought I would check the forums to see if this issue was still and issue and apparently it is. Looks like I will wait to play this game for a little bit longer as I lost all my stuff 2 weeks ago.