Lost My Tales From the Borderlands Season Pass Bonus Loot

Story is, I redeemed my items then exited out of the game without saving, forgetting that saves are local instead of server side. Next time I log on, the items are gone and I have no way of redeeming them again. Smh. I’ve reached out to Telltale but still no response. This sucks. Don’t do what I did.

I have the same problem but i save and quit the game :confused:

I have the same problem. But if you haven’t gotten a response in 9 months, I doubt I am going to. Any word on this?

I had this happen with one of the event shift guns. Redeemed it then quit without saving and it dissappeared next time i played again. All you have to do is contact support explain what happened and they’ll get it back for you. Most problems can be solved by contacting support especially the shift issues. Contact gearbox support.

Thanks. I’ll do that.