Lost nearly everything

Game crashed and I reloaded and it said I had a corrupted game save, now I’ve lost 10 golden keys, about 150 guardian rank, all items from my bank and lost my bank sdu, also lost all skins, all purchased eridium items, a fix for this would be nice and the return of my golden keys

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This exact thing happened to me as well. I lost all guardian rank, bank and lost loot SDUs, all legendaries I stored i n my bank, skins, eridium purchases and I’m not even sure what else yet… I took time off work to grind this game only to have everything I worked for taken away. Please either fix is soon or just refund me so I can move on to a game with less bugs.

Xbox Gamertag - Necryre

Same just logged on and everything is gone.

This just happened to me where the game froze, I reboot and my bank is completely empty. Who do we talk to to get this fixed?

i had everything in my bank disappear too but I had no crash or freeze happen

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I submitted a ticket to Gearbox support. No reply so far…

Same for me

Same happened to me. I had this same issue in bl2 also. I just opened ticket.