Lost perk point after respec?

Im probably wrong, in fact I’m almost sure of it.
but I just refunded all my skill points at the quick change and it only gave me 48 perk points to play with.

I’m level 50

I know that level 1 doesn’t count but still shouldn’t i have 49 perk points to use?

And sorry if this is like some gradeschool level sh*t

There are 48 skill points on lvl 50

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I still totally don’t get why, but thanks man!

At level 2 you just unlock the Action Skill.


+1. You don’t get your first point until level 3.

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Oh I do remember that happening now, thanks for the answer

you start at lvl 1, lvl 2 doesnt grant you a point.

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Thanks for the answer (again) lol

Nice B.L.S. profile pic brother

There should totally be a Zakk Wylde weapon skin for this game (black and white bullseye)

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They should Reskin MR Torgue to Zakk.

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Dude that would be soooo sick, he’s already like 60% there.

Just needs some slutty demon babes around him.

And a raked out motorcycle of death.

And actual guitar skill. Lol

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