Lost Planet Progress

So last night I jumped into a friends game to help him with a boss fight, when I got back to playing solo, i’m missing all my planets. Can’t go to any planets past Athena. This is kind of upsetting, I have beaten the game, working on 100% all areas, and literally have no way of unlocking the other planets. (Drop ship isn’t working, going into a multiplayer game with someone who has all the planets doesn’t work). What can I do? This is absolutely frustrating because, well, there goes all that progress. I don’t want to start TVHM because I wanted to 100% it before moving on. If anyone has any info or know if they are fixing it in an upcoming patch, let me know please, this sucks >.<

So, i’ve been stuck all day on the first 3 planets doing absolutely nothing but re-running them till it gets fixed, or I can find a work around. :confused:

EDIT: This is literally a game-breaking bug. Can’t progress, can’t finish side-quests in other planets, etc. Thankfully I finished the main story, but now I can’t do anything else.

Same thing happened to my “Normal” play-through…I lost every planet except Pandora.

I freaked out a bit, came here and saw your post, then decided to hit up my TVHM and get to Promethea to see if it would happen to jar anything back into place…

In doing so, I found a fix for it:

Go to your bridge, use the Navigation table in the middle of the room (where you installed the Astronav) to move Sanctuary to one of your missing planets.

Then go down to Ellie and the Cargo Bay.

Use the drop pod.

That should be all and you should find yourself back on alien soil. Also will probably have to reacquire the fast travel stations for your lost-and-found planet, but at least there was a way back down! :wink:

Repeat this process for any other missing astral bodies

Hope it works for you as it did for me!!

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So, that all worked for me (Actually found it earlier today on accident.) But I have lost ALL the fast travel locations i’ve unlocked so I have to go unlock them all again. :frowning: I mean granted, at least I can go to other planets again! I shouldn’t have to re-gain them all back. :frowning:

Thanks for the tip though that should at least help other people. :slight_smile:

Ah…I see I spoke a bit too soon…

I also lost all my Fast Travel Stations on those planets…guess I should have actually checked that one last thing before getting so excited. I’ll go edit it, so I don’t wind up giving people any false hopes, lol

Ehh…but at least we’re back on them rocks…

Hey, @notrucks

Did everything in your bank on Sanctuary vanish as well?

Because mine did.

Yeah it’s just a pain in the ass getting all the fast travel’s back >.> And yeah they all disappeared so I just keep the ones I Want most in mules or in my inventory.