Lost Power While Playing.... Character Deleted

So I was farming her highness in The Anvil because of the event. Popped her with a Facepuncher and ran to loot the second chest down the drainage pipe. I lost power at the exact moment I opened the chest.

Power comes back on and I load up the game. My Zane is nowhere on my character list. Reloaded a few times and restarted my computer just to be safe. Still not on my character list.

What do I do?

Got a reply from support. They won’t be able to do anything to restore my character. They are offering some golden keys for a lost lvl 50 character.

Moved you to the right section. There is a possibility you may be able to recover an earlier version of your save file if you’re running under Windows 10. Basically, navigate to the save game folder, right click, and see if you can revert to an earlier version.

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get me off the front page so people wont see this. Thanks. I’ll head to reddit.

Huh? I just moved you into the correct section for your topic. There is no front page on the forums - they’re not set up that way.

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