LOST PROGRESS lvl 48 down to 41

So i just hit level 48 and then my audio bugged so i restarted the game after this happened i got an option for cloud save and i clicked out of it, when the game loaded up I LOST 7 LEVELS almost 15 hours of gameplay im beyond pissed about this. Anyone else have this problem? is Gearbox gonna make up for my hours lost because of this flawed save system??? completely unacceptable I almost want a full refund or keys for my time lost AT THE VERY LEAST i want all of my XP lost.

I dont think gearbox will personally do anything g for you but maybe as a community we will get keys for issues at launch

im mad af, honestly i dont even wanna play this game anymore cause of this

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I would honestly cool down for a bit maybe try a new character. There was issues at the launch of bl2 as well. This is nothing new

There are tons of people complaining about lost of levels and like me a complete loss of my character.

such a good launch, really wish they just went with steam so this cloud issue wouldnt be a problem

still better than me. character got corrupted and lost 47 lvls of progress and now have to start over again. also 2k support is terrible.

Any update regarding this?lost hours of game time. I work a can only play a few hours a day and hopefully they can fix this