Lost progress, please help

Hello I put 12 hours into the game, got to level 18, progressed far into the story. however, the save has since corrupted I chose the manual save thingy instead of the cloud one and me and my friends think this is why this has happened. I am now at level 10, have lost my legendaries and am totally buggered. pls help, thank you

I just lost my level 37 character, with 53 hours of game play. Was helping friends catch up in the story (I’ve done a lot of the same missions 4 times already). I really don’t want to do another 15 hours to get back to where I was up too…

This method works for some people, but hasn’t for me: “Borderlands 3 in My Documents > My Games, look for 1.sav.xyz.TMP file. Here in the file name xyz will be some random characters, you have to look for.TMP extension. There will be one more file 1.sav that is your existing character file with all the data. Copy this somewhere else for a backup. Now rename the 1.sav.xyz.TMP to 1.sav.TMP and start Borderlands 3.” - https://gamertweak.com/borderlands-3-mail-box-location/

Good luck.

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I do not have the .tmp file, I was hoping an employee would be able to roll back my save on the cloud. thank you for your reply.

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Same 39 character. epic games launcher said something about two saves available which would i like to launch. picked the most recent. logged in. corrupted


I’m not playing as I am hoping they can reload to previous save or something… Running on hope here :frowning:

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Same here, no .tpm file. just a 1 file thats a sav and another sav file that just says profile. i was level 48 with loads of stuff and now im 42

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