Lost Progress Switching From Co-Op to Single Player

Hi my game isn’t syncing properly or something. My friend and I have access to Opportunity when we play co-op, however when I play by myself with the same character I do not have access to Opportunity. I’m much farther behind in the story when I play alone.

Is there a reason why my game isn’t keeping up withy friend’s when I play alone even though I’ve been playing with him and should have the same amount of progress?

It usually gives me an option to “sync” up the games. (I don’t know how to explain it.) But this time it didn’t. Help!

This discrepancy between solo and co-op typically happens if you join your friend’s game after they’ve accepted or advanced a main story mission that you have not yet triggered yourself in your own game. You will need to advance in your own game to a point that triggers the “skip ahead” dialog box. This should normally come through regular play - for example, when you unlock a new map or advance a story mission.