Lost progression (PC)

So I have played borderlands 3 all the way through both modes and maxed out one character. I decided to turn my pc off for the day and I logged back on eight hours later and found my maxed level character was back to level 37. I lost roughly 9 hours of gameplay and don’t know how I could recover this lost progress. Any suggestions would be awesome!


same thing happened to me, im pretty mad, hoping that gearbox or something just gives me a character of the level i was at but i doubt, i dont even need the loot i had or anything i just want that lvl back

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for me i lost everything in my bank: ALL THE PREORDER BONUSES FOR THE $100 VERSION and ALL 8 of my golden keys, like bruh wtf epic

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same thing has happend to me kinda stupid lost so many hrs of gameplay and loot im so hecking mad like i cbf doing it again and whos to say it wont happen again

When did it happen? A couple of hours ago Epic said they’ve deployed a hotfix for the lack of prompt and automatic download from the cloud.

Lol happened a couple of days ago. Figures. I’m glad they are trying to fix this issue first.