Lost sandhawk to floor glitch

Lost my sandhawk at op2 cause i accidentally dropped it and it fell through floor somehow. Any spare would be appreciated, im not picky.

I play on xbox so I can’t help but I’ll give you a tip: when that happens, go to your “dashboard” and immediately exit the game. It will cause it to not save and you’ll have your gun back :slight_smile: Sorry I couldn’t help with your sandhawk, though.

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That sucks dude, I’ve done the same ■■■■ too many times!

I got a full set of flying hawks you can have, they are at OP8 but at least
they’ll be waiting for you when you finish digi.

PSN dogstar13

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Thanks ill add you in a little i appreciate it

I have LVL 72 sand hawks if you want? PSN: Sun_TsuNami

I have a bunch of flying sandhawks at OP2, i have shock, fire and corrosive.

PSN: Mini_Holmesy

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Hate it when that happens, worse if you see it go! :unamused: