Lost Saved game on GOTY on PS4

I was about a level 37 when I got a blue screen on my playstation 4. Restarted BL1 and now I don’t have my game. How can I get it back without having to play the whole game again? I was playing the DLC Tarterous.

Check the save section in PS4 settings if your save is still there. If you have PS+ you can download backup save.

Yeah, tried that. It is no where on the PS4. Like I’m starting new and never played before.

Christina Seher

As a fellow gamer I sympathize with you.
I’ll go with my usual recommandation. Periodically copy your game save files on a usb key. (A very convenient option we have on PS.) I even make copy of these on my laptop.
In addition to my PS+ saves…

Thats odd. You can try rebuilding database, but it looks like you need to start from scratch.

I also have backup of my saves in PS+ cloud and additionaly on USB drive + PC just in case.

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