Lost skins and golden keys

Hi there.
The game is constantly crashing for me and after the last week update it would not launch at all for a few days. When it did, everything in the bank was gone, my bank slots and some other SDU upgrades gone. More importantly skins (both bought for iridium and the ones dropped in the world) all but disappeared as well as 26 golden keys.
Is there any way to get those back? Mainly the golden keys and skins.
Thank you in advance

Sounds like the profile.sav file got corrupted. If you have some form of backup system running (eg Windows incremental backups) you may be able to roll back to an earlier version that remains intact. If you don’t have any backups, unfortunately the file is likely gone and been replaced with a default (empty) one.

I would suggest filing a support ticket (link is in the pinned thread at the top of this section) - support may be able to refund you Golden Keys. I’m not sure about the skins though.

Thank you for the reply! Opened a support ticket. Let’s see what’s going to happen :slight_smile: