Lost sound, lost frame rate and now lost loot and sdu's

Ok I could deal with losing sound and having to change areas to get back. I could even deal with the horrible frame rates that constantly are plaguing the game. But now I have lost all of my bank loot, every single legendary I ever got and saved has been deleted and my SDUs for both my bank and lost loot have been reset to level one on ALL my characters. What the hell kind of ■■■■■■■■ glitch is that. What’s the point in even buying SDUs or storing ■■■■ in my bank in my bank if they are just going to be deleted by a glitch? Seriously I was enjoying this game but now am seriously considering asking for a full-refund because this is not what I signed up for. I did not expect to buy a game based off of loot only to have every hard earned piece of gear I earned disappear. Fix your game, or better yet don’t release it until it’s actually ready.

Does not change the fact that losing all your loot in a loot based game is a pretty big bug that should have been caught. I’m not looking to sink my time into a game to get gear that is just going to disappear on me. As I said I can deal with the other glitches but this is a pretty serious glitch in a loot based game. Now all I have as far as items go is what was on my characters, what’s the point of continuing playing a game that I can’t really save my progress (since real progress in this game is measured by weapons in the end game).

I have not played with a single person who has not expressed frustration with the various bugs in this game. There is no way this was properly QA/Alpha tested or even beta tested without the dev team knowing about these issues. They went to market with a broken product. Plain and simple.

Debugging is debugging. No way they did not know about the controller input issues, FPS drops and other obvious critical design flaws. Regardless of the volume of testers. But I hear you. I am trying to give benefit of the doubt. Just frustrated bc I dropped $100 on this game …

As I read this thread I am frantically reloading my game in hopes that my bank full of legendary’s happens to repopulate… there goes multiple hours of farming…

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It’s because they CAN patch it. I remember buying bl1 when it came out and issues like this weren’t everywhere. This applies to all games though, back in the day they HAD to release a finish polished product because they couldn’t just update to fix it, if it was broken the game failed. So I find there is no excuse to not do the same now, as a consumer when I buy a product I expect it work, why should games be any different? If I buy a GPU and it can’t handle the graphics it says it can (no other restricting factors) I would return it and get my money back, hell if you get bumped at the AIRPORT you get something. The fact I have lost ALL my stored loot with no word from gearbox except they are working to fix it. So until then I get to play the don’t store stuff in your bank because it might disappear. This releasing a in development game while claiming it’s a full game is imo false advertising. At least when you get a early release (developing) game on steam they straight up tell you it isn’t finished. To sell an incomplete game under the guise of a complete game has disgustingly become the norm. If gearbox does not provide some sort of compensation or real response with 72 hours I am returning the game and getting my money back. I did pre-order a game for $100 only to get it and NOT have it be fully developed, that’s not what they sold me on, the sold me on a finished bl3 with dlc when in fact it is bl3 early access with dlc later down the line. Instead of fixing our issue they are busy making a Halloween event. Fix the game before you sell it.

First any demo at a convention is of course going to be polished, they want to impress people to up the hype; doesn’t mean these issues weren’t known prior to release. The fact frame rate drops is one of the most commented issue I guarantee there is NO way they were not aware of it. And second pre ordering is not early access, those are two ENTIRELY different concepts. One is selling you a finished game that’s going to be released on this day and you are reserving your copy; the other, which is what we actually got, is a game in development that the programmers know is riddled with issues and tell you so during your purchase.

You have proven my point that the game industry in consistently releasing unfinished games. Idk when you started playing games but back when the info was All on the disk or cartridge doing something like this wouldn’t really fly. And yes no man did go back, why because they realized the screwed up releasing it as finished. I have patience, I do love many things about this game, but id prefer to have gearbox actually finish it and wait 6 more months to release. The original starcraft was completely scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up before they released it. Lying about it being done is what have me peeved not that they didn’t make a fun game, I’ve poured over 70 hours in so yes I obviously enjoy the he’ll out of it, but essentially losing all my golden keys and any legendary I had with the constant risk it might happen again makes the game unplayable. No point in playing loot based game if my loot randomly disappears.

Update: So since the new patch I now have also had all my guardian rank perks disappear. So now I can’t trust the bank to hold my items. I can’t trust the frame rate to remain steady. I can’t trust the audio to not cut out. And now I can even trust my end game guardian ranks will be kept. This is beyond unacceptable and I am now going to return BL3 which sucks cause I really loved the game, but like many other online games made today rushing the game to be made is ruining it.

Update: My friend has now has his account randomly swapped or something. He only ever played on one pc but when we tried to play yesterday his level 50 Amara and level 27 Moze disappeared and were replaced by a level 33 Fl4k and a level 11 Amara. Seriously can this game have more bugs?