Lost vault and missions done how do I get help

I have never posted before but I’m a little frustrated. I logged on to play ( mostly play alone or with fam) I’m in true vault hunter mode. My vault says that I have a place for 30 guns that I had in there but now it says I have 13 out of 30 and I can’t put more in ? I paid my eridium … I liked to keep my special guns and such in there you know the ones from missions that had the funny red sayings. I sold a bunch then I could not put anything back in there like my mods if I changed my tree ect. But it still says I can hold 30 but it only allows 13 … Ugggg seconded everything I did in Oasis and all connecting lands is gone it is back to the beginning as well as Crater of Badassitude and a few others. I’m frustrated I spent a lot of time on them and it’s just gone. Is there something I can do ?

You posted in the wrong section.

What platform do you use so I can move you to the correct one?

X-Box One


The thread has been moved to the X-box One tech section for you. Tell me if there is anything else you need.



Put in a ticket at the support desk if need be.

Thank you !!