Lots o' Shots! An S&S Loyalty Roland

Yeah, we’re doing a Loyalty thread now, hell yeah!
Extended magazines!
Bonus tech!
Solid accuracy and respectable RoF!

That’s right, we’re talking about S&S Munitions!

S&S and Roland go together like cheese fries and melted shredded cheese. YOU COULD ALWAYS HAVE MORE CHEESE. With one exception BRAARRR BRARRARARARRRR, S&S boasts the largest magazine sizes in the game. Combine that with Roland’s hilarious magazine size bonuses and bandit camps start disappearing off the face of the planet, one reload at a time.

S&S provides us with Support Machine Guns, Machine Pistols, Repeater Pistols, Assault Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles to work with. Really, about as good of a selection as you could ask for, minus Revolvers. When compared to other brands these guns won’t perform amazingly well in most situations, but one thing they will consistently do for you is be highly consistent and dependable.
I might’ve just trashed on S&S a little bit there, but this manufacturer is my low-key second favorite, I really don’t think I can overstate how dependable an S&S gun can be!

Ok, enough prefacing!

Meet Lots o’ Shots! Great name, yeah? I came up with it in 6 seconds, you can really tell!

Ehhhhhhhhh, sure. That’s mostly kinda almost yellow.

So, I’m not going to go full hardcore-loyalty mode on us, where we don’t let any piece of non-S&S gear touch our equip slots. I’m pretty sure S&S nova shields don’t start spawning until the Dahl Headlands, we’re NOT waiting until after Sledge is dead to get protection.

But there’s no way I’m ever touching a non-S&S gun.
Time to get punchy.

We didn’t get our first S&S guns until after Nine-Toes was deep sixed, but our first piece of S&S gear did help with the fight. I tossed two of these, deployed Scorpio, and started shanking Pinky and Digit with my combat knife. Went pretty well, didn’t get downed and Scorpio finished Nine-toes off.

Gotta start somewhere.

We weren’t kept waiting too long though, we got these two MPs when we got back to Fyrestone.

The Mean MP is an early example of S&S reliability. We’ve got a Lv4 green MP with better accuracy, RoF, and magazine size than most Machine Guns you’ll find at this level.
These two bullied Scar and the rest of Skag Gully pretty well, though I did let a BA Skag kill me.

Ended up quietly surprised by the last chest in the area, Atlas/3-shot/barrel5 is a solid combination at this point in the game. Oh well, can’t use it anyway.

Went back to TK Baha’s place and gave him back his stuff. He gave me some shotgun to sell off and


pff, and i was impressed with the atlas sniper, oh whatever about that!
Look at this beauty!
PPZ! mag3a, the good one! stock4 for good looks! sight1 is nice and clean! BARREL5 AND LONG ACCESSORY!? Oh, apparently the mat2 that I was going to like just for the bling factor also tightens our recoil up some. The only things that could possibly make this gun more accurate than it already is, would be stock5 and sight5, and I doubt I could notice the difference.

Guys, gals.
This is a Lv4 gun.
How? Just how? I mean, I’ve gotten some good sniper rifles from this quest reward before, I had my hopes, but I wasn’t expecting anything like this.

This thing is a laser beam. A railgun. Gauss cannon, whatever, take your pick.

Might as well stop reading this thread, I doubt we’re finding anything else as good as this for a loooooong time.

Oh you know Bonehead’s gonna love this, hehehehhhhh.


Well, that sniper kicks ass I’m sure, good stuff…looking forward to part 2 of your S&S journey…

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Heh - did you light that fire on the Maliwan poster? :smile:

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Maliwan does not shoot more lightning than the next leading competitor. You lie marcus.

You mean the Orion? Yeah, you’re not wrong there, even though Maliwan does lead in Corrosive and Incendiary. Marcus made a poor choice in Electrical.

Speaking of the Orion, yes, I am looking forward to the legendaries. Thanatos, Crux, Draco, Orion. All great guns.

Gemini can go crawl under a rock though.


Haha man I hate geminis. That gun just don’t make sense. It’s not even elemental

Well, that was easy.

Now that Bonehead’s head-bones are spattered everywhere, we’ve got access to Scooter’s Runners.

It’s disturbing how pleased I am that my car is yellow.

I got my first shotgun, was surprised to get one this early. But yeah, nothing special. Definitely one of those “Later, when you’re killing skyscraper-sized monsters with a gun that shoots lightning, you’ll look back on this moment and be like, “heh.”” moments.

But this, this is n-n-n-n-nice! I got worried when I heard a bandit firing this bad boy, but when I saw the yellow gun I got the bloodlust.

mag4 and AR body? Hell yeah! Camp killer obtained! And seriously, this gun sounds sexy as hell.

First shock weapon, this’ll help with a certain shield coming up.

Just barely missed the moment I got it, but hey! It’s mah name! I don’t know if I knew this subconsciously when I named him, but uhhh let’s pretend I did.

Another item slot conquered by S&S! I’ve only got to find a COM and shield for maximum yellow.

Yep, this MG is rad. Did all this in just one magazine.

NOOOOOOOOOOO! My sniper has a sidegrade! The new one has 100+ more damage, but is slower and less accurate. I still like the Liquid more, but that damage difference is tough to ignore.

I end up swapping between the two for different situations. The Liquid is a laser beam, but damn does this Thunder bring the pain.

oh hi ther.

Pretty easy kill, to be honest. Usually I end up further West, deeper in the skag lands. I didn’t really plan on it, but I headed East and brought Moe and Marley to a bandit camp. There was a bit of a free for all where everybody except me died. The end.

First fire weapon and yooooooooo. Look at this! barrel3, action5, and the good mag too! This x2 hottie is going to do some work, isn’t it?


Circle of Slaughter, second and final rounds!
Now armed with the power of flame, I’m ready to burn through the competition!
Which we do.

Well, up until this bastard showed up.

Now that my new trump card has just been trumped, time to just bite the bullet and hang on for dear life.

Is he flexin on me?

Just a bit more aaaaannnnd…


Extremely satisfying fight, even got the level up off him. Mmm! Mmm!

PPZ470.2 Liquid Sniper Appreciation Time

This thing is a kickass FFYL gun. That little blob in the middle of my reticle is a bandit I FFYL headshotted from this distance.

It’s not only accurate, it’s also fast. Just before I got my machine gun I got downed by a Bruiser at point blank range. It got right down to the wire, but I was able to take out the last sliver of his health right before I bled out.

And it’s real nice for taking care of the manned turret in the mine.

Well, pretty sure I made this post twice as large as it should be.

Next time…





Phew, pretty good fight. I decided to skip the Lost Cave before going to the mine, so I didn’t have the extra level or shock relic I usually would for Sledge.
It got pretty tight at times, he downed me 3 times, but our static shotgun and fire MP carried the day.

Ooh. What’s this?

Now that Sledge is dead, time to crush his throne forever.


in the distance, a single meedley-moww rings out

New gear!

Usually I’m not a fan of melee attachments, but the shotgun spike is fast enough to be useful, and it gets use since we’re in range for it. Not that much gets past 9 shots of barrel4, mind you.

Yo! First S&S shield, from now on we’re locked down on acid novas.
I’m pretty sure I’ve seen enemies catch 3 damage from the nova. That might be DoT, but I don’t think it is.

Oho? What are these?

Now I can't say for sure, but I'd put my money on...

Whew, check out the gold this vendor threw at me at the same time.

I’m having some good luck with machine pistols so far, there’s been some nice combinations of barrel and action so far.
Sniper rifles have only been slow declines into trashville. I keep getting upgrades cause of raw damage increases, but the quality of each rifle just keeps dropping.

Perils of Pandora

Awh, who’s a good boy?

No! Sit! Stay! Play dead!

Yet again I level up off a big scary skag. I can’t think of any more in the future, but it’d be neat if this became a regular thing.


I know they really bother some people, but Scythids haven’t bothered me too much. This time around, something about this claustrophobic hut really got to me.

It probably didn’t help that when I saw this guy, my mind jumped to “they sucked his brains out!”
Oh yeah, wanted to apologize for the Leader COM. Somewhere between Skagzilla and this hut I found that. The annoying thing about not having a COM yet is having to remember to unequip every COM I pick up to sell.

Ok, time to get this over with. Mad Mel’s fight rarely goes well for me. There’s so many vehicles zooming around alongside the hard to avoid damage that I’m rarely able to dance through all that chaos without getting cut a few times.

It was at this moment I realized I had mistakenly brought a machine gun turret to a rocket turret fight.

[cries in death]

Ok, take two! Aaaaand… Action!

No! Get off me! Noooo!


i swear to ■■■■, every time with this fight…

I see you! Get back here punk, you better keep runnin!

Yeah! Eat fiery death, and your ancestors too! I’ll bury you in barrel0 repeaters, so that your tomb can be one of shame!

Ok, I’m chill. I’m cool.
We’re cool now.

So, we’re through the Dahl Headlands, which means the gigantic Rust Commons regions are up next. What do we have to show for our effort so far?

Character Stats

Sitting at the high end of Lv22, which isn’t too overleveled for going into the Commons areas. I left behind most of the Dahl Headlands missions to attempt to stay on level, things end up more entertaining this way.
thinks back to Mad Mel fight
You know what, no. We’re going all out from now on, DO ALL THE MISSIONS!

Right now, the skill build has been all over the place. I don’t have enough shotguns or assault rifles to heavily invest in Scattershot or Assault yet, and I don’t have the big bundle of points I want for a turret build either.
For the time being, I’m just beefing myself up some, with focus on the blue and red trees. At one point I’d like to finally try a full turret build, but I probably won’t try to do that until Lv25-30. Actually, that’s not too far down the road…


Well there they are, our jaundiced babies. While I love each of my children equally…

The Liquid Sniper is the most beautiful, the Vile Torment is the most likely to succeed, the Incendiary Machine Pistol is always the life of the party, and the Glorious Machine Gun is low-key everybody’s reliable friend.
Yep. Pretty, deadly, fire-tastic, and reliable.
Oh, the shotguns get a mention. Static for being my only shock weapon, automatically making it somewhat useful, and the Spiked Shotgun for being just really good at what it does.

What I’m getting at is that I hate the blue snipers for being inferior upgrades to the original, and the Repeater isn’t really worth finishing this sente-

Game. Give me a COM. Do it.

a dash of salt

So, two years back I had a Hyperion loyalty named Ron. I wrote the posts in the voice of that character, but overall the thread could use some work. I didn’t take enough pics of various interesting moments and the thread ended up being just pics of red loot. So, it’s safe to say I have my regrets with that thread, sure, but I think I’ve moved past them now.
That said, there is one thing that still ticks me off regarding Ron.


he never found a single Hyperion sniper rifle

Meanwhile Lots is over here like


Barrel0 repeaters lol. Man I’ve only killed Mel inside the arena one time, and that’s because he got stuck in place. I always just respawn a runner and sit on top the entrance ramp and shoot rockets. Because F that fight



I went back to the Arid Badlands to clean up some stray side missions before really getting involved with the Rust Commons. Killed a big bug, and got sad all over again with TK Baha.

Overall, I messed up capturing moments of big moments or establishing shots, so here’s a bunch of geaarrrrr.

Early-mid game I’m not toooo bothered by low RoF sidegrades, as you don’t always have the easy access to ammo you do in late-game. Makes a decent sustained fire mid-range gun, not that it means much in this game.

Ultimately, we end up running with this most of the time.

About time. S&S sticks us with Commando and Support Gunner COMs. Support Gunner is convenient, sure, but we’ll end up running a lot of shotguns as time goes on. Thankfully, the Commando skills are good ones to have boosted.

Mmm yup. Support Gunner. Between selling anything that’s not S&S and never needing to buy ammo, I’m doing well on cash. Thanks?

I was feeling hopeful for this Blast Wrath, but I never got around to using it cause I started getting so many explosive weapons. The sniper doesn’t have that great of accuracy either, so there’s that.

The shotgun became my main scattershot savagery shredder system. Pull trigger. Bandit gets chunked. Trigger. Chunks. Trigger, trigger, trigger. Gibs, gibs, gibs.

The other ZX at the bottom the greens is the same as this, just with a weaker stock.
that doesn’t seem right, there might be an accessory difference I missed

It did finally outpace the spiked shotty I got ages ago.

I keep getting repeaters that I kinda want to show you guys, but they just don’t perform. Someday, someday I’ll get a decent elemental repeater to see how they stack up, but right now they’re not even worth showing.

Now that I finally have a COM, I keep getting more COMs. Here's the upgrades so far.

I end up running a pretty decent Scorpio build later, and yeah, it actually does work. With the two cooldown skills I can walk into most engagements and end them before they really get to start.

Hey, I got a new sniper? Oh wait, no I didn’t.

Anyways, I still use the old Lv4 Liquid Sniper to snipe turrets.

Cool arena. While I wish there was a little bit more going on with this fight, it’s still one of the better boss fights. Is that saying much? Meh. Still.


Most beautifulest voice in the game, shame you can barely hear him screeching at you most of the time.

Ok, that’s most of Rust Commons West brushed over, and about half of Rust Commons East completed. Gotta polish off RCE, Trash Coast, the Salt Flats, and Tentaclelands to wrap up PT1!


Love the commentary! I’ve always liked Krom’s Canyon too. I wish he could jump off his turret and fight you though!


You can blow him off the turret. Sometimes he will be way down in the canyon

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I love that, I think Im going to start loyalty
playthrough today…


I thought about it too. What character/brand would you guys like to see? Some of them are obviously more challenging early on but that’s cool.

I’m runnunig Hyperion Hunter currently, it’s fun for sure, and I’m loving hyperion weapons even more now.


Are you planning on running a thread for one? Mine is about to start PT2, and I was planning on featuring him as soon as Lots finishes PT1. Don’t want to tread on your toes if that’s the case.

@odiscordia I’d check the COMs for each character and see what looks good from there. You could pick a toon/manufacturer that doesn’t have an available COM, but it’s helpful for sure. If one isn’t available you can decide to use any brands’ or none at all.

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No you go ahead, I’m not good at writing stuff…

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oh ok…

I hope you provide some sexy crimson screenshots, I love that stuff.

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I’m working on it…