Lots o' Shots! An S&S Loyalty Roland

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Started Torgue Brick today! @billthebetta I dont want to start new theard, do you think I can post some picture in this topic from my playthrought?

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Either put it in its own thread in the relevant character section, or do periodic posts in the “What did you do today” thread. Thanks!

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I was thinking lilith/atlas. No smgs involved of coarse but they make good revolvers and repeaters. And the merc coms are pretty good just for the skill points. Maybe I’ll luck out and get a chimera early on. :wink:

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We rocket into the final leg of the game!

I forgot how strict the gear level tier-ing is while you’re leveling up. A lot of the guns from New Haven to mid RCE are going to be set at Lv22. It’s strange, but it sorta gives you these blocks of campaign where you slowly get better quality guns until the damage wears off. When it does, guns start dropping at higher levels, giving you more powerful if but lower quality weapons.

Time to go to Old Haven, good thing I found these.


Ahhh, the tiny amount of spread on this thing is great! With magazine buffs and the Thanatos doing its thing, this makes an excellent tool to wear enemies down to nothing. Very consistent weapon. The shotgun was great for close range, and the Thanatos took care of most everything else.

Meant to take more pics of Old Haven, probably my favorite map in the game. Threading your way through the streets and behind cover is really tight. There’s enough rooftops around that you could play a citywide game of “the floor is lava” and jump from roof to roof.

Shock guns? I mean, yeah, they are. Sorta meh though. But, we’ll need them later, even though the MG is pretty useless no matter what.

After Old Haven, we head to-wait was that before or after Trash Coa-uhhhh
Ok, I did that backwards. Too late.
we rescued local wildlife in trash coast

wait ■■■■ no

Some item upgrades.

Still only “small acid burst” yet to see a mat2 or 3 shield.



y’know, this close up? the boom stick has a really pretty material on it, sweet blue steel sort of thing going on.

Crimson Lance town!
Finally, we get a new level of loot, so have some damage upgrades!

probably the best MG I’ve found since that first one way back in the Arid Badlands

Our first sniper upgrade that doesn’t also have worse accuracy! Hooray! The curse is broken?

Found some things I thought were neat in the barracks. Pretty sure somebody in the “what did you do in BL1 thread” found these things, but I still wanted to share them here.

We got llama cigs, apples, and stacks of gun-ho. Classy.

I can’t get over this print. Death hippies?

Pretty sure this shock mg was as useless as the next one, barrel2 is too inaccurate, and HVY is too slow. I could deal with one or the other, but together?

Probably the first notable fire weapon since the machine pistol, again, from way back in the Arid Badlands.

Got this guardian slayer when I was pretty much done slaying guardians.

Time for calimari.

oh boy, final boss time

this lady has been taunting and messing with me for the last… like 3 major bosses
She’s got siren tattoos, this fight is gonna be rad, I wonder what it’s like to fight a witch.

here we go, she’s gonna get her superpowered super powers here

wait, where’d she go?


oh hell no

Well, we killed it with fire. And explosions. Bullets too.

Yes, No Heaven.

How can the voice of “Critical, Biatch!” and “Uppin the kill count!” the same guy as Krom’s nasally nose sounds? I’m honestly impressed, that’s a pretty cool range.

This thing has certainly caused its share of trouble. Time to tuck it away so no psycho can find it in like 5 years.

Good thing nobody knows where I'll hide it.

Lots o': 3 - Ron: 0

distant screaming

Aaaaand that’s PT1 Lots o’ Shots! I’ll be awhile before this yellow baby buggy bumper will show up on the forums for awhile, so till then?

Seriously, it might be years.


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The Crimson fastness barracks also has something I believe is nowhere else in the game. In the room with the tables there’s boxes of foodstuff on one of them. Dull and easy to miss. Also…yes this game puts the best skins on the worst weapons. Boomstick. Tks wave. The nailer. On and on.

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Yeah this is Bill thread, I dont know what’s I was thinking…

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Omg… all those great parts.

Youre really making me want to make a new roland, but I just cant stand re-doing my .ini every daylight savings. Just gotta wait for the remaster then. Just another 5 years until a confirmation.

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All those great parts from that one gun in the first post, haha!

We’ll see about that remaster, but I don’t have much hope for bug fixes. If we do, great, I’ll happily eat my words.