Lots of Anointed gear for trade

I am looking for only anointed versions of: Fire Rowans or Lucians call, Cryo Lucians call, Fire or Cryo Crossroads, Annexed Lyudas, Bounty hunter mods with good dmg/crit stats.

I have these for trade:

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Lol drooling over your stop gap and Rowan’s. But I’ve got nothing you listed.

@VintageRevolver got any good anointed gear for FL4k

Hmmm lemme see if I’ve got a lyuda

@VintageRevolver The lyuda has a bad anoint trait and I have 15 hellwalkers sadly, thanks tho.

Hmm any love for a night Hawkin for Zane or a crossroad?

@VintageRevolver I will consider that crossroads, give me a day.

Cool. :+1:t3:

I like that Butcher if you’re down for a trade

@tuckerensmenger got anything on my list?

Any of these for your Shock on Shock Rowans?

@thenewfess Ill trade that shock rowans for that last crossroads with 100% dmg.

add me of EGL: S4che…I wont be able till the weekend tho.

Got this beauty right here for trade. I’m looking for a cryo lucian with SNTNL 50% cryo annointment or a cryo crossroads with zane annointment, or a mirvtacular/recurring cryo hex.

Can someone please give me a Corrosive Crossroad for free.

In retun i wish you the best RNG in game.

no need to be annointed.

username: Hussain-fam

Deal. Invite sent. OH just read you won’t be on till the weekend. I’ll hold it for you.

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@randomperson.2013 sry I got a better version than that

@thenewfess I have some time to spare, if you see this I can log on for 30 mins

Sorry, wasn’t available. Let me know when you can log again

I’m just gonna mail you the Crossroads. Toss me the Rowan’s whenever you can. You’re on my list.