Lots of anointed stuff on offer, looking for specific weapons *updated*

Hey, I´ll keep this thread updated and post what I am currently looking for and the best (I have alot of stuff that I won´t list, just ask if you have something I am looking for) stuff I have on offer.

What I am looking for:

-Cryo crossroads: either a good zane augment or increased weapon damage after skill ends
-any really good zane mod (meaning usefull stats all around)
-anointed mirvtacular cryo hex grenade
-anointed cryo shreddifier - either double barrel (“super”) or with 2x ammo usage
-cryo lasersploader with 50% more cryo damage while SNTL is active and more damage after
switching with digi clone
-Any good Assault rifle with 50% cryo damage while SNTL is active

What I got: (mostly annointed)

Corrosive cutsman - 100% melee damage after skill ends
Corrosive crossroads - after action skill ends, reload and fire speed is increased
Searing Ripper - 100% melee damage after skill ends
Several cutsman with good anointments in various elements

Cryo conference call - 100% weapon damage after skill ends
Itchy flakker - 2 magazines have +incendiary damage after skill ends
Defrauding Butcher - after exiting iron bear, 50% increased incendiary damage for 2 magazines
Expert kill of the wisp - after action skill ends, splash damage is increased by 125%
Casual Flakker - after action skill, weapon damage increased by 100%
Burning Flakker- after action skill, splash damage is increased by 125%

Assault rifles:
Lucian call, cryo with 15% life steal after skill ends
Lucian call, corrosive and incendiary with iron bear anointment
All kinds of laser-sploaders (double penetrating, damager after skill, extra cryo damage…)

Resolute Lyuda, increased critical hit damage after skill ends
Annexed fire Lyuda (the one which shoots 2 shots at once) - not anointed but good, so included

Rocket launcher:
Shredded Scourge - 250% weapon damage after phasecast

Transformer - increased action skill cooldown (20%) after skill ends
Health Rerouter - +10% health & +5% health regeneration after action skill
Rerouter - 20% increased cooldown reduction after skill ends
Brawler Ward - after action skill ends, melee damage is increased by 100%

Mirv-tacular Hex - cryo
Recurring mirv Hex - cryo


i have this @T_o_p_o_i

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This would be pretty awesome to have aswell! Anything specific you need?

do you have bounty hunter or anointed lyuda fire or anointed night hawkin full auto

I don´t actually know what you mean by bounty hunter . I have a fire lyuda but not anointed sadly…
night hawking I actually have serveral anointed ones but they are all with zane augments. You play Zane or something else?

bounty hunter is a class mod for fl4k and no im an fl4k main

Don´t really have any Fl4k specific items - the lyuda is annexed if that´s more interesting? Otherwise anything else you´d trade for?

no thanks bro…thats only things i need

Alright then, only other thing I can offer is a few anointed weapons you could trade aswell (anointed lucians call, crossroads and flakker) - otherwise cya :smiley:

I’ve got a cyro auditing crossroad if you’re interested.

yea somewhat, what do you want for it?

A facepuncher if you’ve got it, or something else melee centric.

that corrosive cutsman would be awesome too if you’re willing to trade it for my dinky unanointed weapon.

No sorry, need an anointed one for that - I only really have a brawler ward if you still need one

already have one

Ah alright

I’d take an unanoited incendiary lazer-sploder if you have it.

Updated item list and what precisely I´m looking for

updated again, added items that I still need and added quite a few good ones I have on offer

There is no Cryo Cutsman (only fire/corrosive/shock)
Can offer you a Corrosive Cutsman with 50% Cryo mag tho :wink:
Also got a Cryo Crossroads with 50% shock mag.

interested in your 20% cooldown Transformer