Lots of anointed stuff on offer, looking for specific weapons *updated*

Ah damn, thanks for the info^^

the two weapons you got don´t do much for me tho sorry

Added several more weapons on offer, including an anointed burning flakker!

I would take that brawler ward. IGN/epic: Cryzak

you have something i need?

hey you still got the brawler ward?

yea i do

fancy trading it? cant seem to get it aha

yea sure, you have something listed above?

@T_o_p_o_i Have them not cryo but are they any good for you?

No sorry, I have all kinds of anointed crossroads, just missing the cryo one :-/

@T_o_p_o_i ahh damn no worries, this any use for you?

Neither no - do you still need a non anointed brawler ward? If I find one I can send it to you

Anointed Brawler Ward Shield with phase slam effect for 200x melee would be ideal but any brawler ward for now tbh! but yeah still need it so would be greatly appreciated if you sent one haha

will do if I drop one :smiley:


I can trade you this for the annexed lyuda

Dont need that one, sorry

If you play moze

sadly not, I only play zane