Lots of gear to give away

I’ve got quite a few shields if anyone wants any. Lots of transformers and rechargers plus a few others. Also have some Gunner class mods and various artifacts. Also have some low to mid level Mayhem weapons if anyone is looking. Monarchs, Kaosons, yellowcake, OPQs, Nopewpews and so on. Happy to give them away but would be good to get a nice deathless artifact with weapon damage, SMG damage etc. Similar for a class mod. User name is wonga-bunny.


Do you have Load dice with health Regen and mag size?
Bloodletter no Thin Red Line with good dmg stats and health Regen?

I do have a loaded dice but will have to check the specs. Will get back to you tomorrow.

I have an elemental projector loaded dice with 272 health regen, 17% weapon reload, 20% radiation damage.

I do have a number of bloodletters with various damage stats but none with health regent.

Thanks buddy.
Atom balm deathless rad and AOE dmg with 50 mag size will send to u if u want it.
Will take the dice and Bloodletters with dmg stats and no Thin Red Line if possible.
PSN kenet888
Your PSN
Send me FR

Sorry just got this now and logged off for the day. Will send them tomorrow. PSN is wonga-bunny.

No rush. Will send you FR.

Cool. I’ll have a look at that deathless if that’s ok. Cheers.

Atom Balm deathless
Rad dmg area of effect dmg 50 mag size

I’m take it if that’s ok. How many bloodletters do you want? I habe heaps. 5?

No Thin Red Line one is priority.
First Crit dmg (weapon and manufacturer), gun dmg, splash dmg then weapon and manufacturer dmg, last mag size.
Thanks for the trouble buddy.

Just sent couple. Not sure if they will suit or not.

Don’t suppose you have any anti freeze coms or splatter gun artifacts? Have some good artifacts and stnl cryo gear to give in return

Sent you back that shield as I can’t equip it.

Don’t think so sorry

Hi lad, I’m looking for Elemental Projector Victory Rush and Spiritual Driver mod, if u have some please send me some I’ll be very thankful

My PSN: Gahanich