Lots of legendaries for trade. Come take a look

I’m mainly looking for recurring hex grenades, elemental projector artifacts,lucians call in elements other than cryo, crossroads smgs, elemental lyudas. Here’s what I have to offer

Premium firesale polybiusx2
Redundant brainstormer
Cash infused brainstormer
Extended nemesis
Holistic bitch
The duc
Compressing storm
Super supercharged ten gallon
Burning scourge
Itchy try bolt
Infinity pistol x2
The lob x2
Rebel yell
Ruby’s wrath
Hawt pain is power
Smart gun xxl
Moar embrace the pain
Disciplined warlord
The boring Gun
Brawler ward
Resonant back ham
Comeback red card
Black hole
Tina’s hippity hopper
Snowdrift deathless
Flesh melter cosmic crater
Electric slide deathless
Express firsale long musket ++
Negating sickle
Searing nemesis
One pump chump
Loaded lead sprinkler
Dastardly maggy
Subsidized conference call
Storm front x2
Rough rider
Cryo stone deathless
Red queen
Spark plug otto idol
Cryo stone commander planetoid
Wicked wagon wheel
Cloning chupas organ
Searing trained hellfire

What level is the rebel yell? I’ve got a lower level stop gap if your interested

It’s a 50. I’m looking for a 50 stop gap.


You still need bounty hunter com? What element laser sploders? I’d be interested in them or redundant brainstormer . Gt is albtb

Also have a stop gap

I have the Hellwalker and Stop Gap shields…want the Lasersploder…i think i have everything else on your list lol

Ok I think I have corrosive and shock laser sploder. I’ll probably be on later xbl o Hired Gun o

I was trying to find a better bounty hunter mod than the one I have. The laser sploders are shock and corrosive I believe. Definitely interested in the stop gap.

Interested in the face puncher. I have a hellwalker.

Ok, I’m on now if you wanna trade o Hired Gun o

I’ll take the lasersploder in shock for a stock gap… I have two i think you can decide which you prefer.

Ok, I’ll take the annointed one. I’m on now. o Hired Gun o

Got a fire crossroad?

You still need the hellwalker I have an anointed hellwalker. Trade for stormfront

No, I got one. Meant to edit my list sooner sorry.

Damn no worries what else do you need. I probably don’t have anything you looking for

Any crossroads smgs?

Havent seen a single one sorry . Dont even know where they spawn

They’re a world drop I believe you can get them anywhere.

I have a 3-4 crossroads different elements some anointed other not therival06 is my tag I’m looking for elemental projectors and Phasezerkers mods that have 31 smg dmg