Lots of legendaries for trade. Come take a look

I have elemental crossroads all but cryo and fire I think as well as lucians call in corrosive if you’re still intrested. I’d be intrested in the brawler ward and express firesale.

Dont have either sorry

I have a corrosive and cryo crossroads. Not sure if the crossroads come in rad or not but if it does and you have it I’d do that trade for it and the lucians call.

I will check when I get home and if I have a rad one I’ll let you know. I’m pretty sure I do tho

Ok thanks

Ok I do have a rad crossroads. GT is Hurtfulryan m. I am on rn

When ur done with the stop gap… i can use it. lvl 38 and rising… I have a few 50’s from hangin with a player if needing something in return.

I’m at work. I’ll be on a while tomorrow.

Just send me a friend request when you get on

Gamertag? Mine is Gambs2- I will try ur name on this forum, if not… hit me up or provide GT. I’ll look out for you. Thx 4 the reply.

o Hired Gun o

I have a lvl 43 Crossroad if you need it. If not, no worries.

Interested in either?

Mainly looking for 50 crossroads. Especially fire.

Looking for deathless and otto idols of the elemental projector mostly.

Have plenty of legendaries; I do have a crossroads but not fir (lvl 50) / also have some legendary 50’s for trade since just recently achieved… but many in the 40’s and below for players out there. I know we all get some 50’s along the way. Need Bounty Hunter Class mod or Relic / Lucian’s Call or NightHawkin SMG if out there. In need of gear with good synergy to Fl4k. Every bit helps when solo’in! I have plenty to chat about if interested-even a few legendary class mods for other characters. Hit me up. GT: Gambs2

You looking for lvl 50 items? I’ve got a 50 Lucians call corrosive. Looking for Arctic nighthawk, loaded dice, grave artifacts

I’d luv that Lucian’s Call… but I don’t have what ur looking for sorry-

I’d like a NightHawkin too my friend! Anything else I can offer?

Hey man look like you need invt. help. add me say hello and ill change your game. Everyone needs better gear. tag~ remy338ultmag