Lots of legendary artifacts to trade/give away

I’ve got ~120 legendary artifacts filling my bank currently. Would love to trade some of them. Looking for an incredible Bloodletter COM (grenade dmg, mag size, gun dmg) with 2+ TRL/ 2+ DM, anointed It’s Piss (+25% damage on grenade throw), anointed transformer (75% shields AES) or high end front loader with anointment, or other cool things. . . Also have several weapons/ Moze COMs I can trade.

Let me know if there is something specific you’re looking for. . .

GT - Enigmatic65536

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I have the transformer and the it’s pizz grenade you want. Also have a decent bloodletter with splash, pistol damage, and either handling or accuracy. Not sure on the rolls, but if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll find out for you. What sort of artifacts do you have? I am particularly interested in Otto idols and victory rushes. Safeguards are cool too.

Atom Balm Otto Idol (OI), Atom Balm Safeguard (SG), Berserker SG, Berserker Victory Rush (VR), Corrosive Stone VR, Cryo Stone VR, Elemental Projector SG, Elemental Projector VR, Elemental Projector VR, Ice Breaker OI, Ice Spiker OI, Knife Drain OI, Knife Drain SG, Loot Expanding OI, Loot Expanding SG, Loot Expanding VR, Mind Melt VR, Radiation Stone VR, Radiodead OI, Shock Stone OI, Spark Plug VR, Toxic Revenger OI, Toxic Revenger VR

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Would you be able to post a picture of the elemental projector victory rush artifacts you have? Those might do the trick for me

Sorry man, that just doesn’t do it for me. Thanks for the effort though

Not a prob! Thanks for the follow-up! If you’d like it just because, I can send it your way anyway

I’m good, thanks for the offer though. Someone else could definitely benefit from that more than I could

Anyone else looking for various artifacts, let me know. Happy to give them away to anyone interested.

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I would take it please for my Zane. Have anything else?

Lots, what’s your Xbox gt?

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Any for siren please?