Lots of Level-53 Stuff for Trade

LF (@ Level 53):

-Scourge (Fire, STNL or Clone Switch Anointment)
-Any Moze splash gear that’s 125% Fire DMG on next two mags

What I have (All Level 53):

-Maggie (STNL & Barrier)
-Craps (Fire - Barrier Anoint/Corrosive - STNL Anoint)
-Scoville (Fire - 125% Fire ASE)
-Queen’s Call (Cryo - Barrier, Fire/Shock/Corrosive/Radiation - STNL)
-Bekah (STNL)
-Redistributor (Fire/Shock/Corrosive/Rad - STNL, Cryo - Barrier)
-Crader (EM-P5 - STNL)
-Kyb’s Worth (Cryo/Radiation - STNL, 160% Splash ASE)
-Crossroads (Shock/Corrosive/Cryo - STNL)
-Cutsman (Fire/Shock/Corrosive - STNL)
-Lucian’s Call (Fire/Cryo - STNL)
-Rowan’s Call (Fire/Shock/Radiation - STNL)
-Zheitsev’s Eruption (Fire - 130 Clone Swap)
-Redundant Brainstormer (STNL)
-Butcher (Shock/Corrosive - STNL, Cryo - Barrier)
-Conference Call (Corrosive - STNL)
-Lob (All Elements - STNL, 125% Fire Next 2 Mags)
-Protuberence (Fire - STNL)
-Triple-Penetrating Bangstick (Normal - STNL)
-Dictator(Fire/Shock/Corrosive/Rad - STNL)
-One Pump Chump (STNL)
-Flakker (Normal/Fire/Radiation - STNL)
-Good Juju (STNL)
-Breath of the Dying (STNL and 125% Fire for Moze)
-Barrage (Radiated - STNL, Corrosive - 125% Fire for Moze)
-Nukem (STNL and 160% Splash for Moze)
-Lump (Corrosive - ASE Splash)
-Ruby’s Wrath (STNL/160% Splash ASE for Moze)
-Scourge (Shock/Corrosive - STNL, Corrosive/Radiation - 160% Splash AND 125% Fire Next Two Mags for Moze)
-Wedding Invitation (STNL, 125% Fire ASE)
-Headsplosion (STNL)
-It’s Piss (Grenade Throw 25%)
-Storm Front (Grenade Throw 25%)
-Sticky Quasar (Grenade Throw 25%)
-Recurring Hex (Cryo, Radiation - Grenade Throw)
-Transformer (STNL Speed, 30% Cooldown, ASE Corrosive/Radiation, 75% Sheilds/Health ASE)
-Sprint Rough Rider (STNL Speed)
-Back Ham (STNL Speed)
-Recharger (STNL Speed)
-Front Loader (75% Shields/Health ASE)
-Rico (STNL Speed)
-Stop Gap (STNL Speed)

EDIT: Got some good trades…I don’t need a lot these days…just want to help other folks get gear so they can enjoy BL3 instead of farming for days on end.

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Bumpity Bump in the trunk

Edit: actually nope, missing exactly what you need. Sorry. I have Moze stuff though if you still needed that from your other post.

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“Bump Bump Bump” - Sisqo (1999)

I’ve got a few 125 incendiary if you are still looking and could use:

Incendiary Crossroad,
Night Hawkin,
Cryo Lucian’s Call,
Radiation + Shock Trevonator,
Incendiary Malak’s Bane

I think I’ll pass on those

Edit: I should’ve clarified, I’d like splash weapons with 125% anointment, instead of ANY gear…my bad

I would love that lump, I got corrosive craps with 160% splash annoit for moze I believe

I jus found one at 53 coincidently…you have any other 125% Fire stuff?

I’ve got an Ogre, Lead sprinkler and a Craps with 125% fire damage on next two mags. Are they worth the Redistributor or Maggie? (100% cryo SNTNL).

Although I’m a little reluctant to part with it, I also have a Lob with the 125% anointment. I’m not sure if that is even splash damage.

You have a wedding invitation left? Dont need to have anointed perk, just a regular one is perfect

I would take that hellshock for testing purposes. What would you like in return?

Oh you can just have it, though I wouldn’t mind a Red Fang that is optimized for pistols (like wep dmg and pistol damage). My epic is KittyShoes17, so I’ll send it when I can. Just lemme know what your epic is lol

Epic: Cat_Thulhu

I might have a mod for you, I’ll take a look. Might be only level 50 though, is that okay?

If it’s a red Fang and is good for pistols I don’t mind if its 50 :slight_smile:
I’m still rocking my level 50 assault rifle one cause it has wep damage + ar damage + crit so I’ll never see that roll ever again hahaha

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I’ll see what I can pull up. It’ll be a bit since I’m still at work. Maybe an hope or two.


I seriously need a Maggie and Redistributer with SNTNL Cryo …

I will give you anything in my safe for them. If I don’t have anything you want, I’ll do my best to farm it for you.

Epic ID is; Mourning6Lory

Ive been looking for Ogre and Craps…if they’re level 53 (because I have level 50 ones already) I’ll trade for them.

EPIC: WxndaBread

I still have the Wedding Invitation, I’ll trade for any level 53 Moze gear, 125% Fire Next two mags (preferred) or 160% splash…what do you have?

Have Moze Stuff?

I do. I’ll be home from work in about 2 hours and will get a list of my best Moze gear for you.