LOTS of Lvl 72 to OP8 Gear for trade

My GT is batboy70

Looking For
Corrossive/Fire Norfleets, preferably OP8
90% or greater Sham, preferably OP8
Interfacers, any element, preferably OP8

If you have a legendary of the same level or greater and you want something, I’ll probably take it if it is decent, just ask me

For Trade

Straight Shootin’ Unforgiven [Lvl 72]
Resolute Stinger [OP8] [Fire]
Resolute Stinger [OP1] [Fire]
Patriot’s Stinger [Lvl 72] [Slag]
Purging Stinger [Lvl 72] [Shock]
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold [OP8]
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold [OP7]
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold [OP5][All Torgue parts]
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold [OP4]
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold [OP4]
Hard Unkempt Harold [OP2]
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold [Lvl 72] [Torgue Grip]
Hard Unkempt Harold [Lvl 71]
Thrusting Unkempt Harold [Lvl 71]
Intense Unkempt Harold [Lvl 72]
Redundant Lady Fist [OP6][Hyperion Grip]
Miss Moxxi’s Rubi [Lvl 72]
React Hornet [Lvl 72][Corrossive]
Rapid Infinity [Lvl 72]
Purging Infinity [Lvl 72]
Caustic Infinity [OP7] [Corrossive]
Vengeful Infinity [OP8]
Purging Infinity [Lvl 72] [Shock]
Incendiary Greed [Lvl 72][Fire]
Dva Infinity [Lvl 72][Corrossive]

Potent Thunderball Fists [Lvl 71] [Shock]

Impetuous HellFire [OP5][Fire]
Impetuous Hellfire [OP1][Fire]
Consummate HellFire [OP1][Fire]
Cutting Edge Bitch [Lvl 72][Shock]
Social Bitch [OP8]
Akurate Plasma Caster [OP8][Bandit][Shock]
Analytical Plasma Casater [OP8]{Hyperion][Fire]
Guileless Plasma Caster [OP8][Maliwan][Shock]
Fire Fire Bone Shredder [OP6][Fire]
React Sandhawk [Lvl 72]
Flying Sandhawk [Lvl 72]
Bladed Sandhawk [Lvl 72][Shock]
Corrosive Sandhawk [Lvl 72][Corrosive]

Assault Rifles
Corrossive Stinkpot [Lvl 72][Corrossive]
Scout Veruc [Lvl 72]
Swift Shreddifier [Lvl 72]
Taktiakl Sawbar [Lvl 72] [Fire]

New and Improved Omen [Lvl 72][Slag]
Basic Omen [Lvl 72][Shock]
Original Omen [OP8][Slag]

Rocket Launchers
Pussiant Norfleet [Lvl 72][Fire]
Punitory Norfleet [OP8][Slag]
Ultraprecise Bunny [Lvl 71]
Deep a Tunguska [Lvl 72]

Sniper Rifles
Longitudinal Invader [Lvl 72][Shock]
Gentleman’s Storm [Lvl 71][Shock]
Sublime Volcano [Lvl 72]
Razrex White Death [Lvl 71]
Barking Storm [Lvl 71][Shock]

Impaler [Lvl 72]
Impaler [Lvl 72]
Impaler [Lvl 72]
The Sham, 83% [Lvl 72]
The Sham, 85% [Lvl 72]
The Sham, 80%[Lvl 72]
The Sham, 77% [Lvl 72]
The Sham, 85% [OP8]
The Sham, 93% [Lvl 72]
The Rough Rider [OP7]
The Rough Rider [OP8]
The Bee [OP8]
The Bee [OP6]
Inflammable The Bee [OP5][Fire Resistant]
The Bee [OP5]
The Bee [OP4]
The Bee [Lvl 72]
Hoplite [OP5]
Evolution [Lvl 72]
Evolution [Lvl 72]
Evolution [Lvl 72]
Order [Lvl 72]

Class Mods
Legendary Psycho [OP1][+29%/+32%/+0.25]
Legendary Reaper [Lvl 71][+66%]
Legendary Reaper [+99%]
Legendary Gunzerker [Lvl 71][+42%]
Legendary Titan [OP6][+7041.9/+37%/-143599]
Chaotic Evil Monk [Lvl 72][+6 Money Shot/+5 Abestos][+46% Crit Dmg/+36% Fire Rate]
Legendary Soldier [OP4][+43%/+36%/+23%]
Legendary Soldier [Lvl 70][+40%/+30%/+21%]
Legendary Pointman [Lvl 72][+3813.4/+116724]
Legendary Anarchist [Lvl 72][+50%/-41%]

Grenade Mods
Sticky Lobbed Caustic Leech [OP5][Corrosive}
Lobbed Electric Leech [Lvl 72][Shock]
Rubberized Caustic Leech [Lvl 72][Corrosive]
Rolling Thunder [Lvl 72]
Explosive Nasty Surprise [Lvl 70]

Blood of the Ancients [Lvl 72][Max Health +44.8%/Pistol Max Ammo +60%/Launcher Ammo +60%]
Heart of the Ancients [Lvl 72][Shotgun Damage +33.1%/FFYL Time +33.1%/ SW Health +144%]