Lots of M10 gear for trade, have spreadsheet

Snowdrift Otto Idol or Victory Rush artifacts with Assault Rifle Damage and Magazine Size. Looking for a Stop-Gap shield with ASS Shield Break/Fill Effect Anointment and with some combination of Capacity and Adaptive, or Fortify/Health/Power Charge perks. Also looking for a Rad and Fire Soulrender with 100% DMG ASE

Spreadsheet constantly updated

PSN: Mattgamer87

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I have all of that do you have a multi tap atlas pistol

Dont I dont sry, anything else you need

I have a breath of the dying ASA. Do you have a kinetic/rad m10 asa boom sickle? PSN: TheNimbusKid

You can check my spreadsheet to see what I have

Won’t let me access it

saw you wanted a good seein dead com, i have a couple. Got an assault/weapon/mag size seein dead with 4 donnybrook.

What do you want for that yellowcake w/ 200 asa?

Now try accessing it

I got in :), interested in your 200 asa yellowcake

I’m interested in your breath of the dying, I can trade u tomorrow after work

Gotcha, add PSN: TheNimbusKid


Interested in your Lob cryo, rad and shock ASA 200 and backburner (damage around 40k?).
Look up my list in the post. Can we have a trade. Thanks.

I find it really hard to find ppl previous posts can you post your list here or a link to it

Accepted your request, gonna send over the asa breath now for your asa yellowcake

Sent your item

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Interested in your ASA 200 Boom Sickles

Is that lob M10, if soI’m interested, what’s your psn