Lots of op 8 gear for trade(updating regularly)

Make me an offer and well see if we can deal
Critical interfacer(no ele. and corrosive)
New and improved omen(slag)
Restructuring butcher(melee)
Desperate carnage(explosive)
Scalable conference call(electric)
Rapid infinity×2(Hyperion sight, not sure about other)
Legendary catalyst mod×2
Legendary torch mod
Chaotic evil monk class mod×2
Explosive fastaball grenade
The bee shield×3(regular)
Sham shield(86%/84)
Rigorous kerblaster
Gentlemen’s volcano(120% crit)
Feral Scorpio(corrosive)
Heart of the ancients(SMG damage, ffyl time, second wind health)
Skin of the ancients(shock resistance, shield charge rate)
Legendary mechromancer mod
Legendary beserker mod×2
Surgical pitchfork(electric) got from bunker😝

3M and a bunch of level 50 legendaries? Lol.