Lots of screen tear with Gsync?

Playing on a Asus PG279Q with a 2080 FTW3. Having ungodly issues with screen tearing when trying to dumb the graphics down for this horribly optimized game.

Vsync Off, Gsync on (Windowed and Fullscreen), Frame Limit set to Unlimited etc.

Anyone else having this issue or come up with a sweet spot for graphics? Ive tried everything on Youtube to increase performance. But with some fixes, Come more problems…

You need to frame limit to 3fps below your highest sync limit. If you have a 144hz monitor limit it to 141. This video explains it well.

How To Fix Stutter In Games - Frame Rate, Frame Time & RTSS

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@SIMJEDI does that matter if the game never gets over 90fps?

https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/c/Borderlands-3/BL3-PC-TechSupport Might get more help over there.

Gsync only works if the fps is within it’s working range. So if 90fps is within it’s range, gsync will work.

OP said he had frame rate set to unlimited, it he lowered graphical settings enough where fps went over his monitors refresh rate tearing would have occured because gsync won’t work that high.