Lots of Zane gear for trade

What’s up everybody. So I’ve been pondering over this for days & days now and I finally decided I’m going to let go of my Zane and start up a Moze. I have a bank full of SNTNL & Digi Clone Swap stuff. I’ll list everything below and if you want details or a picture just let me know.
I’ll also list my wants at the end. Lvl 57 only.

SNTNL 100% cryo -

  • Relentless Soulrender - non elmt
  • Venomous Reflexive Soulrender - corr
  • The Lob - fire
  • The Lob - rad
  • Binary Mocking Cutsman - shock
  • Hostile Powerhouse Redistributor - fire
  • Cash - Infused Redistributor - shock
  • Synergized Oldridian - non elmt
  • Storming Infinity
  • Venomous Hornet
  • Hungry Sleeping Giant - non elmt
  • Loyal Sickle - non elmt
  • High Capacity Deft Malak’s Bane - cryo

SNTNL 15% movement speed -

  • Re-Router
  • Tactician Stop-Gap - shock resist
  • The Transformer
  • Absorbing Torch - fire resist

Digi Clone swap 130% dmg -

  • Undermining Powerhouse Cheap Tips - rad
  • Expert Hellshock
  • Executive Oldridian - non elmt
  • Auditing Crossroad - cryo
  • Cash Infused Oldridian - shock
  • Defrauding Oldridian - corr
  • Binary Escalating Cutsman - corr
  • Decaying Zeroed Soulrender - rad
  • Hawt Dayumned Seeryul Killur
  • Overencumbered Standardized Carrier
  • Gatlin’ Gatling Gun
  • Obby The Dictator - non elmt
  • Unlimited Anarchy - non elmt
  • Stuffed Tunguska
  • Dastardly Unseen Threat
  • Burning Scourge - fire

Digi Clone regenerate 3% health -

  • Energized Re-Charger
  • The Transformer

Here’s some of what I’m looking for

Rakk Attack 100% dmg -

  • Lob - fire / shock
  • Skullmasher
  • Lyuda - fire / cryo / rad
  • Clairvoyance
  • Faisor - cryo / fire / rad

Gamma Burst 115% rad dmg -

  • Faisor - rad / cryo / fire / shock
  • Laser Sploder - rad / cryo / fire

After exiting Iron Bear 125% incendiary -

  • Warlord - fire / shock / non elmt
  • Soulrender - shock / rad / non elmt
  • Laser Sploder - fire / cryo / shock / rad
  • Maggie
  • Little Yeeti
  • Butcher - fire / shock / rad / cryo
  • Lob - fire / shock / rad / cryo

After exiting Iron Bear 160% splash dmg -

  • Laser Sploder - fire / cryo / shock / rad
  • Soulrender - fire / shock / rad
  • Insider
  • The Lob - fire / shock / rad
  • Faisor - fire / shock / cryo / rad
  • Flakker - fire / rad / non elmt
  • Boomer - fire / non elmtl
  • Tiggs Boom

Misc. -

  • Bloodletter (without points in Phalanx Doctrine) - weapon dmg and/or action skill cooldown
  • Raging Bear - weapon dmg and/or action skill cooldown
  • Any good Deathless artifact

Or if anybody is willing to power level my Moze, I would give you however much you wanted…

I’m interested in a few SNTL Cryo items that you’ve got. I’d like the Cryo Redistributor and Corrosive Lob.

I’ve got the following:

Searing Disciplined Soulrender - Incendiary - Exit IB 125% Incendiary dmg
Deluxe Poison Anarchy+ - Corrosive - Rakk Attack! 100% dmg
Maxxed-Out Firesale Anarchy+ - Indendiary - Exit IB 125% Incendiary dmg
Abundant Stark Krakatoa - Exit IB 125% Incendiary dmg
Arctic Tamed Night Hawkin - Cryo - Exit IB 125% Incendiary dmg
The Lob - Cryo - Exit IB 160% increased splash dmg

Let me know if you’re interested in any of these. Thanks!

I’ll take the 160% splash cryo Lob for sure & the 125% incendiary Soulrender. I can send them now bro. Thanks.

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OK, thanks man. I’ll send them over now!

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I got the guns, thanks! I’ll watch for anything else that might drop

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I’ve got a Warlord with Rakk Attack damage, are you interested?

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Hi !

I’ve got a :

  • Rad Lob with +115% rad damage
  • Shock Laser Sploder with +115% rad damage.
  • Seuryul Killur with +125% incendiady damage after leaving IB

And I would like youe shock Lob with +100% cryo SNTL, the corrosive cutsman and the Unseen Threat with +100% cryo SNTL with the highest damage you have.

Deal ? :smiley:

Have a nice day !

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I just got a Cryo Soulrender with Rakk Attack! 100% damage if you’re interested. I’d love to get that Corrosive Soulrender.

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Hey guys. I’ll try to get on sometime today and work out some deals, but I have a lot going on these days. I also had a deal with someone if they power leveled me, and that’s kind of on hold for a second too. If that deal falls through though, I’d be more than happy to trade up for your guys offers.

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No worries man. Life is more important than games.

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That corrosive soulrender full-auto?

No problem !

Come back to us on this thread or via MP when you have more time on your hands :smiley:

Have a nice day !

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In addition to that Warlord I just had a Rakk Attack Maggie drop, and I’ve got an Anarchy as well. Would love that SNTL Maggie if it’s still there and we can work out other stuff if you want anything else.

Id be interested in that
Cryo lob with stnl cryo
The cryo soul render if its full auto stnl
The corrosive redistributor stnl
Hostile crossroads stnl

A list of what i got

What’s up man. I’m back and ready to deal. I’ll send your stuff and take what you offered. Thanks for being patient. It’s pretty chaotic out there these days.

Sounds good bro. Sending it now.

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Whats up dude. Are you willing to trade both, the Warlord & Maggie, for my SNTNL Maggie? If not, I’ll take the Maggie over the Warlord.

I need your Gt

Hey dude. I wouldn’t mind taking the - 160% splash / 125% incendiary Iron Bear Insiders - Gamma Burst Kaos (cryo) - Rakk Attack Lyuda

Just need your Gt. and I’ll send them over to you.

Cool. I’ll send the Cryo Rakk Attack Soulrender as soon as I get back to Sanctuary. Thanks!

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I’ll swap ya Maggies and how about the fire Cutsman for the Warlord?

My GT is xRoss357x

No interest in the Rakk Anarachy?