Lots to trade see pics , LF ( class mods / gamma burst items)

Hello all,

I’m looking for a few specific things and hope you guys can help me out.

First for my flak I’m looking for a g roll class mod :

Cosmic stalker
red fang
Bounty hunter

Mostly looking for a good cosmic stalker one.

And a good one I mean: weapon damage ,action skill cooldown rate crit damage ,mag size , fire rate , specific weapon damage , splash damage / radius , damage reduction, health regen.

I’m still looking for a g roll breaker mod for my siren ,
It has to have at least one skill point in “find your center”. And bonus melee damage.
Rest is optional but prefer weapon damage , crit damage , health regen , damage reduction , mag size action skill cooldown rate or specific weapon damage ,

LF Gamma burst weapons :
Pestilence (with crit damage) no double shot.
Any laser sploders but no DP
Devils foursum.
Dictator single shot.
Kings / queens call

And finally I’m still looking for guns with 100 or 125 damage increase ase. (Mostly single shot laser sploders )

So this is what I can offer .
If you see anything or have anything I want post a comment below or send me a private message .
You can also add my on Xbox : mrbs87



Some good stuff, i’m interested in (priority ordered):

  • Primordial Phasezerker
  • Transformer (on ASE 30% taken returned )
  • Snowdrift Victory Rush (max shield, max health, actions skill cooldown)
  • Transformer (on ASE 20% action skill cooldown increase)
  • Elemental Projector Victory Rush (pistol damage, shield recharge, radiation)
  • King’s Call (250% Phasecast)
  • Vicious Infinity (on ASE +100% damage)
  • Cloning Ghast Call

I have some Cosmic Stalker, Red fang, bounty hunter, but dunno if with stats, will check and post pics.

I also have tons of class mods for siren, will check if there is a breaker with your needs.

Will also check for those gamma bursts.

I meanwhile add you on xbox.

Oké let me know what you got :slight_smile: and I’m sure we can make a deal

Here the pics of those I have:

2019110323421276 2019110323423415 2019110323424563 2019110323430779 2019110323431211 2019110323433584 2019110323434212 2019110323434724 2019110323435688

Also checked for Gamma Bursts, but unfortunately only have two and i use them myself despite not annointed for me, probably simply didn’t have enough space to also collect them. But I now added you, so if you want I can send you any I find while farming instead simply ignore them.

The none I have is this one:
If you can give me an identical one without or with an annointment for me, I exchange it for it but else i actually need it myself. But if I also find another one I could send it if you want.

And concerning the 100% ones i have those:

2019110400125660 2019110400142852 2019110400143672

I now go further farm stuff, If stumble upon Gamma bursts I simply send them.

Also just found:


Also just found that one:

@slobberykinkos I have these for trade

I really want that brawler ward, rope a dope mod, and fire cutsman, and that face puncher. I looks at stuff when i get home but im wondering if anything works besides mods

@giotribue Trade my Rope a Dope for these?

Just got this too

Look what I just found:
(+50% Melee damage, +31% Action Skill cooldown, KDK Accuracy)


Anyone ?

I don’t think my bounty hunter CM is what you would call God roll, it has weapon damage, shock resistance and hyperion reload. But if its of interest to you, I would love one of those frozen heart shields, they’re both good but especially the Zane SNTNL one. I’ve been grinding the ■■■■ out of Aurelia and cannot get an anointed one at all! Stingy cow.

I have a grill face puncher 14x with 300

Sure I’m interested in that can you send a pic ?

this also yes it does work im. A melee Amara main so I know all the ins and outs

Let me know if you want any of these, I have a ton more Gamma Burst anointed stuff as well

@Super_Kami_Nero I’d be well interested in trading for the queens call, pestilence and red fang you have. Let me know what you’re looking for as I have some of cutsmans, Lyudas etc that I’d happily trade

Ok add me on xbox or pm me, I got to work tonight so not sure if Ill be on tonight before hand but Ill definitely be on tomorrow or I could mail you some stuff, Id be interested to see what anoinments you have on the cutsmans and lyudas, also looking for any Rowans Calls anointed.

I’m interested in a few things.

cryo devils foursome
cryo scourge 100
100 coro lyuda

Also kinda interested in these too.
rocketeer weapon dmg / ar dmg / vladof dmg
executor weapon dmg smg dmg atlas crit

I have a very large selection of 100 and 125 weapons if you’d like to hit me up in a party and we can talk through some things.

Hey mate what are you looking for ? I basically got all stuff Recently you send me in your Message . But maybe I can help you out a bit