Lots to Trade, Taking Offers

Got lots off goodies for all you who don’t feel like farming for countless hours. Here’s what I’m specifically looking for, but I’m open to offers as well.

Kyb’s Worth w/ 125% Splash Damage on ASE
ION CANNON w/ 125% Splash Damage on ASE
Green Monster COMs w/ +5 in The Iron Bank
Top Tier ASE100 Weapons
Transformers w/ Elemental Annointments

Here’s the list:

Hey man. Did you ever get that craders ready

Are you online right now?

Not at the moment I will be on later this evening

Alright, you’ll have the Crader’s by the time you get on.

What was your GT again?

Ye olde wolf


Hello, I’m wondering if your still looking for transformers with element bonus on ase

Are either of your recursions 2x?

I’d have to check, but I believe both are.

Well if the 125% badass damage is 2x and also corrosive for the other element I have a 3x 125% splash fire/corrosive kybs.

I already have one of those. I need to check still.

Hard to tell its not on your list, I have a shock and cryo one with the same anointment x3

I’ll be checking in a few hours when I get on, but I also have that weapon as well. I got them both recently and haven’t updated my list yet.