Lottery! Assault rifle blowout!

Who doesn’t love a Carrier or Ogre?

How many point blank shotgun kills do I have?

Winner gets their choice of rifle and possibly a mod or artifact to boost damage!

Results tomorrow!

P.S. I would look up the max for rank 5, then make your guess!

Good luck all!

I’ll go with 300

Your odds are looking good lol

Lol, yeah not too shabby.

Whelp, grats! You were no where close but hey, good job! What’s your Gamertag?

o Hired Gun o

I win by default I guess lol

Which one do you want and for what class?

I’ll take the carrier for my siren


Next lottery will be up shortly!

What was the answer just out of curiosity? Thanks btw.

89 lol :grimacing::ok_hand:

Way off lol

Close enough :grin: hope it helps ya!

I appreciate it